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Strain Profile – Ata Tundra from Seedsman

Ata Tundra is a pure indica F1 hybrid strain created by crossing two pure lines hailing from what might be thought of as “back-waters” in the cannabis world. One of its parents is a strain from Alaska, home of Matanuska Thunderfuck, which exhibits fantastic hardiness and resistance to frosts due to its acclimatisation to local conditions. The second parent is similar to an Afghan Kush strain that originates from Kazakhstan, a wild region that extends to the north of Afghanistan between Uzbekistan and Russia and featuring a border with China to the east. Discover why Ata Tundra is one of the most popular regular strains in the Seedsman collection.


Ata Tundra is a powerful, cerebral plant that has a high THC content of around 19%. Its CBD content is unknown.


Ata Tundra is a pure indica F1 hybrid strain created from indica dominant parents,

Flowering Time

Ata Tundra is our fastest-flowering strain which finishes in just 45 days indoors and before the end of September outdoors in the northern hemisphere.


Ata Tundra is one of the hardiest marijuana strains available, making it a first-class choice for some guerilla gardening in a wide range of terrains and climates.


Ata Tundra is available in packs of 10 and 100 at a price of €17.59 and €101.40 respectively.

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Check out how Ata Tundra grows from seed to flower in the video below.

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