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Strain Profile: Black Widow

A new and truly delicious variant on the world renowned “White Widow” is the “Black Widow” variant from Positronic Seeds.

As a fair warning, I’m a huge fan of indicas and I’m a huge fan of “berry” tasting strains – and this strain is right up my alley. In terms of flavor and high, this strain is quite similar to Dinafem’s Blue Thai – solid fruity notes accent a musky and dank smelling nugget. For the novice smoker, this strain is going to be a very potent indica – if you’re looking for something that won’t make you feel like a glob of soft serve melting in the summer heat – try a strain without the high CBD content; it can be quite sedating. This strain is the ultimate lazy summertime strain in my book because it pairs very well with food (it doesn’t have a huge flavor that overpowers the pallet – just light blackberry notes) and it’s a very relaxed and gradual high.

Unlike some of the other heavy indica’s, I have found Black Widow has the ability to “put me down” without making me fall asleep. If you are someone who has been turned off from indica’s in the past because “they just put me to sleep” – try this strain. It’s still going to hit you like a brick. Although I don’t recommend smoking it before noon, it’s a great Indica through and through.

I highly recommend vaping this strain because you’ll really get a taste for the grape and blackberry flavors when you ingest it without combusting it.

Even if you don’t have a vape, this strain is going to really tickle your palate. Think blackberries and lemonade. It’s very light, and fruity – nothing spicy or sour, no piney or woody tastes – just light berry flavors.

Outdoors this strain can hit the 2m mark, which means it can get big, but you’ll need to give it time. I would recommend this strain to be grown indoors. You absolutely can grow this outdoors and get amazing results, but if you really want to go for the strong berry flavors, grow this strain inside. Indoor grown buds tend to have a lot more “sex appeal” and pop-out-of-the-jar smell – with more variables in your control, and less “exposure to the elements” this strain will truly earn its name in a tent. The Blackberry flavored widow variant is a great direction for medication because it has the higher CBD content.

If you’re trying to cross strains and breed your own strain, this would be an awesome parent plant to use. Having a “White Widow Grandparent” in your plant’s family is only going to increase its total yield. If you decide to cross this with something else, I’d recommend crossing it with something in the same flavor pallet; crossing this with a “Blueberry” type of strain would definitely accomplish that goal. If you’re trying to craft a hybrid – cross this with some sour sativa – like a “Diesel” or a “Lemon” variant.

Regardless of what you do, or what you cross, you won’t go wrong using Black Widow.

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