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Strain Profile: Blue Fin from Mosca Seeds

Blue Fin from Mosca Seeds is another great example of the hybrid possibilities that cannabis growers are unlocking. Before the ease of the online seedbank, if you wanted to make a hybrid strain of cannabis that spans the globe in terms of its genetics, you needed to book some flights and track down some people. From there you’d have to track down some seeds that you like, barter, most likely buy more than you’d probably need, and fly all the way home just in time to do it again.

Sometimes it’s just really nice to perspective-take, and thank the old-school strain-hunters that gave the breeders of today the “set of paint” that they make their masterpieces with.

Every time I read a bud-menu that has “something-something OG X Blue Dream” I think, “I wonder if DJ Short (on any accredited breeder for that matter) is even aware of how far their strains have brought the industry?” The hybrids of today are all thanks to the strain-hunters of yesteryear who were, in fact, the first people to say “lets mix this with that one from way over there and see what we get”

Blue Fin from Mosca Seeds is just another example of this sought-out hybrid because one of it’s parents genetics is Old Time Moonshine (OTM) from DJ Short, an already very established indicia known for its resinous appearance. From there, they crossed that female with a “well-proven Cinderella 99 Male”. Cinderella 99 has won awards and took flight in the early 2000’s. They crossed one sticky and crystal-coated hybrid from a master grower with another award winner that had proven itself before the cross took place.

If you’re looking for “the best of the best” and some “craft cannabis” this is it. Look no further and “add to cart”. You’re looking at a strain that’s derived from a strain that already meets your requirements, and to put it plainly, the only reason its “derived” is because it was crossed with an award-winning indica.

Visually, this strain is going to “lollipop” and create very ‘tight-to-stalk’ cluster of kiefy-goodness. Don’t expect your garden to go out more than it will go up with this strain. Blue fin is definitely a nice candidate for a topping technique, or a supporting screen to increase your yield. Blue Fin will flower quickly, you’ll see a nice crop in just as little as 8-9weeks. Whatever you can do to increase the number of stalks you have from your plant at an early age is going to really pay off down the road.

Definitely a lighter and mellower flavor, with a berry and fruity finish – you’ll be able to tell that Blue Fin’s grandparent was an indica that tasted just like blueberries. Blue Fin should have a lighter taste that is comparable to a White Widow or a Haze variant, nothing heavy and hashy like an Afghani Kush or a Ryder. This srain is going to taste great when smoked and its going to have a heavy indica finish. If you’re looking for a hybrid that will get you high and then make you sleepy, this is the one I would recommend!

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