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Strain Profile – Blue Kush Auto from Dinafem

Blue Kush Auto-Flowering Feminised Seeds from Dinafem are an excellent choice for the end of summer. This autoflower variant is going to be budding in just under two and a half months – so if you order now, you could be cut and cured by Thanksgiving. One of the reasons that I push for this as an end of the summer grow and autumn smoke is because the coloring on the leaves is going to be in the darker shades of purple and orange – if you’re the type of person that changes their home decorations from season to season, then this could absolutely be a fall strain for you.

This is a strain that really exceeds in appearance. Shades of deep blue, light grey and mauve are what give this strain it’s name. Blue Kush is going to be appealing to the highest standards for what cannabis should look like. Deep ocean tones, tight clustered and chunky nuggets, with a very dense feel in the hand, this bud is going to break up smoothly and have a very light and fruity smell along with it. This strain is visually reminiscent of an OG – the chunky rather than slender pointed and conular bud structure – if you’re looking for chunky strains, you’ve found one, also try checking out Dairy Queen or Lemon Diesel .

Blue Kush is also a heavyweight contestant for flavor. It’s not a skunky or spicy berry taste. It’s just a very light blueberry taste with the classic earthy tones of an OG. Some Blueberry variants will have sour elements to them, or deeper hashy notes – Blue Kush keeps the palate light and mellow.

Another huge option for this strain would be hash or extract possibilities. Since its heavily coated in kief, its almost sugary appearance makes it a prime candidate for sifted hash or any for of extract that utilizes its potency and mellow blueberry flavoring.

Regardless of how you prepare your Blue Kush, I’m sure you’ll love Dinafem’s newest installment of a blueberry flavored bud.

I would absolutely recommend growing this strain in a single-strain environment. Grow this only surrounded by other plants of the same genetics because you want to let the essential oils and flavors preserve their exquisite taste. If you grow this near something “ different” i.e. skunky, sour, orange, or lemony etc., you’re going to be detracting from the light-as-rain blueberry-taste that this strain has been bred for. Give this strain a chance to show you what its made of before you start your mixed bag.

With a very quick turn around, high THC content, and a notably light and fruity taste, this strain is going to appeal to most smokers. It might not tip the scales and be a record-breaker for THC content, but Blue Kush is definitely going to help alleviate pain. While the high on this strain is going to be in tune with an indica dominant hybrid, its most definitely got some heavily sedating properties to it. This strain will absolutely help with sleep aid, or muscle tension.

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