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Strain Profile: Blue Thai

One of the best tasting and best looking strains that many have ever smoked and savoured is Dinafem’s Blue Thai. you can be assured that this strain is an absolute champion.

This strain takes all of the spacey and mind-bending aspects of the Thai variant and combines them with the taste profile of a Blueberry or Blackberry variant. You get the knockdown high of the Thai bud, and the immaculately perfected berry taste of the Blueberry.

In terms of appearance, this bud is as beautiful as it is tasty. You’ll see those small hard little nuggets and maybe 1/3 of them will have a notable dark tint to them. Don’t expect a big lime-green and orange flower; expect something small, frosty, and slightly dark. If you’re an experienced grower with a few harvests under their belt, these buds may not have the largest dry-weight yield, but this will be a connoisseur crop. Another thing to keep in mind is its very fast flowering time – as quick as eight weeks. You could be smoking it’s little resinous lumps by the end of summer!

This is a perfect strain to smoke before dessert or after a night catching up with old friends.  You won’t be incoherent or locked in one place from this. You won’t be energized and ready to clean your flat either. This is a perfect strain to end day with, but this is not ideal for right before bed. Blue Thai is my go-to “cocktail party” strain- and I hope that explanation helps you to find a time and place that will be best for this. Blue Thai is a zero anxiety and racy thoughts type of high. If I had to compare strains to furniture, Blue Thai would be the carefree – hammock option.

Blue Thai is truly a “treat” as far as cannabis goes. This is a strain gorgeous in appearance and delightful in terms of taste. If I had to tell my parents which seeds to order, this would be one of the first three I mention.

If you’re looking to grow something “extra special” look no further. If you’re looking to grow something huge with a massive yield, keep searching. Blue Thai is the 18yr old single malt of cannabis variants. This isn’t a strain you will be packing into cheap blunt wraps for a wild night out – this is a strain that you will savor.

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