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Strain Profile: Blue Velvet from Dutch Passion

Dutch Passions feminized Blue Velvet is one of their top-drawer varieties and rumoured to be their preferred staff-smoke. I can believe it, I was always a fan of their legendary Blueberry, but Blue Velvet is just as good and arguably a little bit better in terms of the strength of the high.

Blue Velvet is a 50% indica/50% sativa although the indica genetics are the dominant ones which are expressed more clearly during growth. The original parent genetics come from Purple Thai (a cross of Oaxaca Gold and a special Chocolate Thai) and a powerful Afghani Indica. The result is a numbingly strong sensi which provides a superior stone to more ‘run of the mill’ varieties, this one hit me with a stronger stone than I am used to and it lasted longer too. Dutch Passions extended ‘Blueberry’ family also includes Blue AutoMazar, Skywalker (Mazar x Blueberry) and AutoBlackberry Kush.

The buds are dense and covered with plenty of resin, this was always a trade-mark of the original Blueberry. Blue Velvet seems to swap some of the Blueberry aroma for a smoother smoke and a more psychedelic high, at least in my experience. For me it was a more euphoric high than the norm and a refreshing trip down memory lane. Yes there was a definite element of a strong indica, but with a buzz reminiscent of the old Thai weed that could be found in the 1980’s Dutch Coffee Shops. Its an old-school balanced high which should appeal to plenty of home growers who don’t mind paying a bit more than average for some genetics that are well above average.

Blue Velvet is an easy choice for home growing, she tends to stay around 1 metre tall and the indica dominance ensures no troublesome stretch in the grow-room. This variety is not a fussy feeder and is therefore suited to less experienced growers. As a traditional feminized photoperiod Blue Velvet should be grown vegatively for a few weeks (under 18/6 light) before flipping into flower by reducing light hours to 12/12. She will take around 8-9 weeks of flowering before harvest and yields are above average. This variety will be one of those that you can afford to veg for longer in your grow room since there is little subsequent stretch.

Any home grower should really think about trying to grow a member of the Blue family (Blueberry, Blue Velvet or AutoBlueberry) at least once. The genetics are well known and appreciated for solid reasons. I have no complaints other than the fact that my mates came around and demolished my Blue Velvet stash before I really had chance to fully appreciate it.

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