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Strain Profile: Bubble Bomb

My older brother loves the flavor of Bubblegum while my sister-in-law prefers her Jack Herer. He drinks a single malt, she loves her anejo tequila. We live in a time of mass-customization – the background on your phone, the beans in your baby-sized burrito, the strains you smoke, and the liquors you imbibe with. All of these ‘things’ are chosen “by you – for you” and as an educated seed-shopper, you should be at ease (rather than overwhelmed), knowing that the possibilities you have at your fingertips are essentially endless.

Bubble Bomb Feminised Seeds from Bomb Seeds are essential for someone who is trying to dabble in the realm of hashish making, or for the run-of-the-mill bubblegum fan. If you like your candy shop ‘sweetie strains’ like Sweet Tooth, Candy Cream, or Island Sweet Skunk, flag this strain. Bubblegum is going to be a smooth and sweet smoke with some notable giggly effects.

Bubblegum is known for it’s impeccable candy flavor. As far as potency goes, Bubblegum is no grand finale or potency record breaker, but that’s why Bomb Seeds crossed it with their signature strain “THC Bomb” to really increase its psychoactive yield. Bubble Bomb truly goes the extra mile – it’s got a sugary crystal-coated finish that will make the hash-makers jump for joy.

The reason I recommend this strain so highly for the hash making community is because regardless of what type of hash you make, if you’re doing it right, you should be able to taste the flavor profile of the strain that the extracts are derived from. Bubblegum is a really great flavor for extracts, traditional kief hash, or even a tincture. You’re getting the best of both worlds with this cut, sweet delicious candy flavors and a knockdown THC-crusted strain that’s prized for its abilities to one-hit-quit even the most seasoned of smokers.

As far as the buds go, Bubble Bomb will definitely be a little on the smaller side. Not popcorn nugs and extra small buds like a private cut of OG Kush or a Strawberry Cough, but these are no massive thai stick colas. Expect some smaller, but hard and dense buds. I personally love large buds, I think breaking them up is sort of similar to eating a turkey or chicken drumstick – but a wise man in his late sixties, who has been growing since the late sixties once told me “don’t judge a bud on the size of its cola’s”.  I really want that message to sink in with this strain. While these buds might not be big enough to make you do a double-take, they are out of this world with their potency and flavor. Coated it kief, sweet and smooth, Bubble Bomb is an absolute palate pleaser. Expect a quick turn around with these feminised seeds only 8-9 weeks.

If you’re looking for a sweet, high potency, and fast growing strain – this is it. Bubble Bomb will be the giggly hybrid that will make you reconsider how effective a breeder can be when they cross for flavor and potency.

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