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Strain Profile: California Hash Plant

“So you want to be a trichome farmer?”

That is a question being thrown around the kief-box business. It poses the question “do you want to make hash” from a humorous agrarian viewpoint.

As if there is some sad couple in a Norman Rockwell painting  holding a pitchfork wearing bibs, is happily hoping that their big ‘ol trichome harvest will keep the town baked through another blistering winter.

Do you want to harvest trichomes? Are you trying to make extracts? Are you someone that likes to tinker, and meddle?

California Hash Plant is your strain.

Check out this huge, hashy, beast of a strain from Dinafem. It’ll grow big and tall, and it’ll fill your screens with kief.

Kief is the collected “pollen” or “frost” from cannabis. It is the dried and loosened microscopic glandular growths from the surface of the cannabis buds. This is done by properly curing your marijuana (drying) and then shaking or beating it above a series of finer and finer silk screens. The finest mesh screen is at the bottom, and it serves as the final filter for the “heads” of the trichomes which are usually somewhere in the ballpark of seventy-five microns in diameter. The “heads” of the trichomes are very similar in structure to that of an Enoki mushroom cap, for the Shabu-Shabu enthusiasts.

The head of the trichome is the “most potent” part of the cannabis plant. The stalk of the trichome is also highly psychoactive, but scientific analysis has shown that the “head” of the trichome contains the highest concentration of THC on the plant.

If you are trying to get the most “high” per cubic meter of growth – this is your strain. If you just bought a kief collector – this is your strain. This isn’t going to be the strongest bud you can find at Seedsman, but clipping for clipping, sugar leaf for sugar leaf, trichome for trichome, California Hash Plant from Dinafem is going to tip the scales for the overall amount of psychoactivity you can farm at home.

If you want to grow the “strongest buds possible” check out the Chem 91. If you want to get the most usable plant possible – California Hash Plant is the strain for you.

If you haven’t cured cannabis before – start with something lighter. This is a strain that you don’t want to novice your way through, because when done properly – this is a plant that you can absolutely process everything. This is a strain that you will get batches of edibles out of from the trim.

You will enjoy its sandy appearance towards the end. Lots of amber trichomes going opaque in this purebread indica. Don’t expect to wake-and-bake with this “day-wrecker” of an indica. This bud is meant to sit you down and lower your eyelids. Expect a classic, brute, and heavy indica high from this iconic California strain. Hashy flavors, not fruity, faintly spicy, oaky and smooth – this bud tastes balanced and mellow. Anybody looking for a great before-bed strain or with trouble sleeping will thoroughly enjoy the crop from this high producing strain.

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