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Strain Profile – Candida (CD-1) Feminised from Medical Marijuana Genetics

A groundbreaking strain, Candida (CD-1) is means ‘bright light’ in Latin and has medicinal properties that have never been seen on the online seed market before. Find out why this strain is generating buzz all over the world, and also discover the amazing promotion that we currently have on Medical Marijuana Genetics at

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Candida will noticeably produce two different phenotypes; a sativa and an indica. Initial research has suggested that the sativa phenotype will produce lower, whispier yields often associated with sativa strains. We have noticed to date that the sativa pheno produces higher CBD counts. In comparison, the indica pheno will produce bigger, denser yields with lower CBD levels but still with significant CBD content. It is recommended to give good care to the sativa phenos as these can be harder to manage and will have larger distances between the internodes making the plants more vulnerable.

Generally, the sativa pheno is better suited to making extractions than to smoking and vaping, whilst the indica pheno is suitable for all.

Flowering Time

Whether growing indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse, Candida (CD-1), usually takes around 9 weeks to flower.

THC & CBD Content

Our Laboratory results show CBD levels of between 20.6% and 10.9% CBD with THC levels rising with higher CBD levels – but never passing 1% THC. The balance between CBD and THC remains more consistent than any similar strain.

With these ratios of CBD to THC, the anti-psychotic capabilities of the higher levels of CBD outweigh the relatively small amounts of THC, and effectively remove the “high”, psychological effect, ensuring a non-psychoactive cannabis plant.

Aromas & Effects

This strain has a unique lemon flavour and aroma that compliments its medicinal properties. CD-1 will flourish in any climate. It has impressed many with its highly vigorous early growth. Due to its low-THC content, psychological effects will be minimal.


Candida (CD-1) has an impressive rating of 4.4/5 from those who bought her from Seedsman. Here is what some of our customers had to say;

I’ve been buying seeds from Seedsman for a while. This is hands down the best medical strain ive came across to.” – Joplin (08/03/2017)

Helpful for my Fibromyalgia” – Rayn (26/03/2017)

This is a twisty, gangly, funky plant. Seems like it’s not quite stable but hey, where else can you get anything close to Charlotte’s Web (this is better). My wife cannot have any THC so this is great medicine. I’ll definitely buy again”. – Scott (17/05/2017)


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