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Strain Profile – Candy Cream from Seedsman

A hugely popular medicinal strain, Candy Cream is an easy to cultivate feminised plant that is a must have for any budding cannabis connoisseur. Find out why this strain is one of the most popular right now at

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Candy Cream is a typically indica-structured plant which develops dense buds along its many side-branches. It was bred from crossing Blue Black with Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino.

Flowering Time

Whether growing indoors or outdoors, Candy Cream can take as little as 9 weeks to flower.

Aromas & Effects

This 90% indica strain has a rich, sweet caramel flavour with earthy undertones. Although it can do well in all environments the best results are to be had indoors where yields of up to 600 gr/m2 can be harvested.

Medicinal Properties

Candy Cream is said to have a good medicinal effect due to the fairly high concentration of CBD and is recommended to help with the effects of insomnia.


Candy Cream has an impressive rating of 4.5/5 from those who bought her from Seedsman. Here is what some of our customers had to say;

Love this strain. Vigorous early growth and a great smoke. Seedsman is simply the best” – Scott (21/08/2017)

Just as described. Superb medicine, My favourite all time smoke. Indica loves can’t miss” – Keith (14/05/2017)

“Amazing. Couldn’t ask for any better” – Sispurs (28/04/2017)

“I’ve grown many strains but by far this is the best to date. All Seedsman genetics are killer and way underrated” – Mr. F (09/04/2017)

“Very easy to grow. Grown hydroponically, we got short (2.5-3 foot), medium wide (2 foot diam) plants with a nice thick cola on top and lots of fat side buds as well. Very short space between nodes and very large fan leaves. Buds were very frosty in the end. They looked like someone sprinkled powdered sugar all over them! Definitely recommend for first time or amateur hydro grower. The end product was dispensary grade. Even my most discerning friends were impressed. Would not hesitate to try again.” – JustBill (15/03/2016)


This strain is available in packs of 1, 3, 5, 10 and 100 at a price of $10.21, $13.17, $25.82, $43.78, $303.59 respectively.

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