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Strain Profile – CBD Critical Cure from Barney’s Farm

CBD Critical Cure is a unique strain that represents the latest advancements in cannabis genetics and natural medicine. We take a look at just why this strain is one of the most popular on Seedsman…


By crossing Critical Kush with the pure CBD mother plant, Barney’s Farm and CBD Crew have created Critical Cure in the hope that this medicine gains further acceptance not only within the medical cannabis community but also among those with medical needs who are normally sceptical of cannabis.

Flowering Time

CBD Critical Cure is a small plant that will reach a height of 50 – 70 cm. yielding in the region of 400 gr/m2 after 8 – 9 weeks flowering when grown indoors. It is also suitable for outdoor cultivation where it will be ready to harvest by late September.

Aromas & Effects

This new variety has exceptionally high CBD levels with an intense and earthy profile, with just a hint of sweetness.

Medical Properties

CBD Critical Cure, is a strain that is exceptionally appropriate for healing purposes. Consider the numbers: CBD at 8.13%, with THC lowered to 5.5%. The medical implications are clear for those who seek pain relief with moderated psycho-active effects.


CBD Critical Cure has an impressive rating of 4.8/5 from those who bought her from Seedsman. Here is what some of our customers had to say;

Great strain, great for pain. Grows fairly easy indoors. Responds well to super cropping and topping. Plant does take a little bit more care halfway through flowering. Frosting is moderate to high although the inner buds get totally filled up with little getting out to sugar leaves. I have cloned this plant going on a 3rd time. Gonna keep this on my garden for a while until I get a good stock. Really helps with energy and pain(kinda funny for cannabis to get ya going). A few people I know took this after chemo and it help a bunch with nausea” – JJ (09/06/2017)

We tested several medical strains outdoor in the rainy Pacific Northwest. This included Critical Cure, Medical Mass, Painkiller XL, and Royal Medic. Critical cure did the best by far, outperforming all the rest. We did have to watch out for mold late in the season, but it seemed quite a bit more resistant than the others. Great to smoke of make into a salve. Will be planting more this year.” – Gabriel (16/03/2017)

“Great plant! No anxiety, paranoia. But the flowering time is longer! After 8-9 weeks they were not ready.. Took about 12-13 weeks! Overall the best cbd plant ever made so far in my opinion..” – Smileyyy (27/09/2016)

“CBD Critical Cure is easy to grow, yields well, and is less than 3 feet tall. I am older and use the plant for medical reasons. Having no recreational history, I feel the Indica (stoniness) in this low THC plant. I vape a small amount before bed and sleep like a baby” – DJ (02/04/2016)


This strain is available in packs of 1,3,5 and 10 at a price of $11.59, $33.13, $49.69 and $89/92 respectively.

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