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Strain Profile – Corleone Kush

Corleone Kush from the Cali Connection is definitely earning its namesake in the upper echelon of potent hybrids. This strain, which takes its name after a wise guy in The Gadfather hits quick and hard. A remarkable amount of gentic work has been put into this strain, Pollen from a Tahoe OG plant intermingled with some Bubba Kush dominant strains leave a masterfully crafted frosty hybrid.

This strain is just slightly an indica dominant hybrid – it might not be the best energetic choice for an afternoon concert, but as far as PM use and after work goes, this is a strain that is going to take the edge of quickly. Corleone Kush has a very fast onset – nothing creeping up on you with this strain. Expect to feel heavy and relaxed after just a few puffs.

This strain could absolutely fair well outdoors, but I would recommend an indoor setup so you can really fine tune the flavor. This strain has a very smooth earthy and hashy taste. Nothing spicy or peppery like a Midas or Ryder Kush – just a very light kush flavor. Similar to a Silver Haze or an OG Kush, Corleone will have those floral tastes of a forest after a rainstorm. Slightly damp and dank tastes. I highly recommend vaping or extracting this strain because it’s flavor profile is unique. I recommend this strain to anybody that enjoys the classic dank and floral tastes or anybody trying to make their own hash. If you cure it until it’s bone dry, this would be a great strain to break up and sift over a series of finer and finer monofilament screens.

Corleone Kush will flower in as little as eight weeks, meaning that even with the potency and the light an unique flavoring, you’re still getting a really quick turn-around time. The reason this strain has secured a spot in the upper shelf of cannabis in 2015 is because it has a relatively high potency, quick turn around, and a unique flavor. The flavor might not appeal to the heavier flavor smoker – if you like skipping from bubblegum to Cheese, and then back to lemon kush, you’re going to have to clear your palate before you give this strain a try. It’s a lighter and earthy profile like water from a creek when you’re camping. If you’re someone who needs a heavy or heady flavor to get them through after work, skip this. Leave Corleon Kush for the person that enjoys tasting the different botanicals in their gin.

If you’re buying this strain, you really can’t go wrong. It’s masterfully bread, and your small and slightly chunky nuggets are going to be covered in a frosty layer of kief. In the grow, don’t be afraid to let your trichomes really fade from clear to milky white/amber. This is a strain that will be a real evening delight -if you can get the indica genetics to express themselves to the fullest of their abilities. Regardless of how you grow it, or when you cut it for curing, Corleone Kush will impress you with its full-bodied high, and light and mellow flavoring.

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