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Strain Profile: Critical from Royal Queen Seeds

The amount of requirements that are often needed when considering your next grow, it can be hard to find the perfect strain. Fortunately, our good friends at Royal Queen Seeds have tried to bring together all of the necessary features into one incredible strain – and that is exactly what they have done with Critical, one of their flagship feminized strains. We take a look at just what makes this plant so very special.


While Royal Queen Seeds are quite vague regarding the specifications of the strains genetics, they have revealed that Critical is the product of Afghani and Skunk parents.


Royal Queens Seeds Critical is an indica dominant plant with a very high THC count of 18% but a relatively small stature, always staying below 1 metre tall.

Flowering Time

Critical is a phenomenal plant in that no other strain with such an enormous yield finishes so quickly. It will be just 7-8 weeks that you will have to wait before


While this plant can be grown indoors, it flourishes fantastically outdoors, especially if in a warmer climate such as Spain, Italy or California.


We sell Critical feminised seeds in packs of 1,3,5 and 10 at a price of €9.00, €23.00, €35.00 and €65.00 respectively. Click here to buy now!


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