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Strain Profile: Dark Devil

So you have your tent, and a couple of grows under your belt. You’ve taken things “indoors” to perfect your craft. While this process is more labor-intensive, and stressful, this will yield more cannabinoids than outdoors. Outdoors has it’s own set of advantages – less day-to-day work – bigger plants – and the inevitable male (which will in turn, give you more seeds for your next grow).

Indoor growing get’s “technical” in a hurry – and if thats your style – check out the “Dark Devil Auto Feminised” seeds from Sweet Seeds. Whenever you buy an “auto” variant or a “feminised” seed for that matter, you are buying a superior specimen of cannabis genetics. “Auto” short for Auto-Flowering means that this strain will quickly enter the flower state. This is practically sorcery in the world of modern growing – when you are able to cut down the time that the plant spends in the “vegetative” state, you are able to cut down the total time required for the plant to grow. Cutting down that total grow time means you’re increasing the amount of plants you can grow in a year.

This is the magic of auto-flowering strains – a very quick turnaround.

When you buy something “feminised” you’re exponentially decreasing the chances that your seed will be “male”. The breeders responsible for these “traits” have selectively bred out the likelihood of getting a male plant – which means you gamble less and win more.

As far as buds go – I truly think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a strain as visually appealing as this one.

These densely clustered nuggets will be deep shades of purple. Little flecks of orange and white will pop-out at you. These buds will be dark and coated in trichomes. The fan leaves will be vibrant shades of pink and purple – sometimes red. My guess is that this strain will be more colorful and bright than the last thing you grew.

You should really give this strain a lot of care when it flowers – feed the buds whatever “flowering” nutrients you prefer – just make sure to stay on top of things. This is a strain that will take your breath away in terms of appearance if you do everything right. If you have recently made a transition from flower growing (roses, orchids, etc.) to indoor cananbis- this is going to be the perfect transitioning from one beautiful plant to another (psychoactive) beautiful plant.

Expect sweet and sugary flavors. Lots of candy and honey notes. This is very similar to a cross between a classic “purple” strain and the infamous “Sweet Tooth”. If you want something with a little more of a grape flavor, you’re in the right area, but keep looking for the word “grape” in the notes on the strain – this might not be the fruit-filled palate-pleaser you’re hunting for. If you’re looking for something “visually stunning” – look no further. Dark Devil will leave you breathless when you examine a nug after curing.

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