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Strain Profile: Early Maroc by Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds is especially proud of this selection of Moroccan plants – specifically from the Ketama region – that will delight those seeking the real ancient hashish taste from the Rif Valley.

For a proper growth, this genetics needs long days and intense light, just like any day in Morocco.

If you are looking for an outdoor strain, high yielder, and as close as possible to those used in Morocco to make high grade hashish like double-zero, Early Maroc is the perfect choice.

Philosopher Seeds is a great work of stabilization and selection, especially eliminating any hermaphrodite trait from the genepool, something common in landrace marijuana strains.

Early Maroc is a cannabis variety specially recommended for outdoor crops, since it is a difficult plant to grow indoors, for it demands huge amounts of light throughout the entire cycle, otherwise it could develop anomalies.

This cannabis strain produces robust and compact plants, with very dense and resinous buds, and very easy to grow. If we have to mention a special feature, it is its fast flowering: it is usually harvested during mid August.

Early Maroc is of average-tall size (125-175 cm) which produces very nice harvests even with minimum care or when grown in unsuitable grounds. Furthermore, during flowering it doesn’t demand many nutrients.

For terrace and balcony cultivation, for which it is really adapted, it is recommended to use pots with a minimum capacity of 25L; it develops its full potential when grown in 40-50L pots.

We can say that Early Maroc has been especially created for guerrilla crops due to its excellent adaptability to arid soils and its quick blooming. All this makes it possible to harvest our plants before the forests are invaded by thieves, hunters or mushroom collectors.

When the plant is fresh it has a sweet aroma, reminiscent of strawberry chewing gum. As the curing process advances, the aroma becomes more spicy with old wood notes.

Its effect is slightly uplifting for the first 30 minutes, becoming relaxing for both mind and body on a second stage. This second stage doesn’t last very long.

It is a perfect hashplant, with features really close to the classic Moroccan double-zero.

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