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Strain Profile – Flo from DJ Short

DJ Short’s Flo is a masterpiece of sativa dominant hybrids. If you’re looking for a very high THC strain that is going to be energetic enough to make you see the double feature, rather than just the matinee, look no further.

It also won the Cannabis Cup in 1996 – so this strain isn’t some newfangled cut claiming a whole bunch of things. DJ Short’s Flo has earned its seat in the winner’s circle.

I personally love my fruity indica’s – and DJ Short’s Blueberry earned a top spot on my list years ago. I have come to trust every strain this man churns out – he’s not making a new strain every couple of months – this guy takes his time.

One of his newer strains, Grape Krush shows just how specific this geneticist likes to get – if he wants a strain to express dark purple and taste like fruits, he’ll make one.

That being said, Flo was bread for its slightly upbeat and moving high. If you have some gardening to do (hint-hint) or you need a slightly more productive high, this is your ticket. Don’t expect an airy and drawn out high. Flo won’t bring out your inner “space cadet”, it’ll bring out your inner “worker-bee.”

If you are someone who purely smokes at night for sleep aid, don’t choose this strain. This is going to be a more energetic high – nothing racy like Y Griega or Green Crack, but this definitely isn’t your Afghan landrace indica.

All in all this is going to be a really great representation of what a slightly sativa dominant hybrid can produce. Visually its going to have the slightly hairy appearance – bright red and orange hairs off chuting around tight and small calyxes. This strain looks fairly psychedelic – sort of like a Dr. Seuss interpretation of what cannabis looks like. Aside from the hairy and dense nugs there is a really nice sticky quality to it too. Don’t expect the kief coated and crystal appearance of a strain like White Widow or Hashplant – if you’re looking for a hybrid that looks like it’s been rolled in sugar, try some White Widow. If you want a small set of sticky little buds that pull apart rather than crack apart – this is the strain for you. A very fresh feel in the hand.

As far as the high goes this strain is going to give you all of the high energy of the sativa (without feeling like you’re staring through your eyelids) and the immaculate body high of the indica. This strain would be a great for anyone that needs to alleviate some pain after a long day, but they don’t want to do so at the cost of immediately passing out for an early night’s rest. This strain is going to be a great choice for the person who is always on the move, but still needs to unwind after the day is done.

Flowering in 8-9 weeks, and giving a very well rounded high, DJ Short’s Flo is a great choice for nearly any cannabis aficionado.


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