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Strain Profile: Grape Krush

DJ Short, the famous creator of “Blueberry”, is a cannabis aficionado and geneticist, who has a very high standard for the strains he breeds. You’ll never find a strain from DJ that isn’t as tasty as it is potent. This guy does it right, and he really takes his time before he adds a new strain to his menu.
Grape Krush is one of his newer variants, and it is definitely an indica. Heavy eyes, couch-lock and a serious case of cotton-mouth. If you’re new to indicas, and you’re the sort of person that dips a toe into the pool rather than cannon-balling in, stear clear of this strain for a while. It’s a really heavy hitter, and my guess is that is where the “krush” aspect of it’s name comes into play.

The high from Grape Krush is somewhere between the second time you smoked, and an icepick lobotomy…Don’t expect to get anything done.

This strain packs big wallop behind a fragrant and floral exhale. Fruity-sweet notes of grape and sugar accent a mind-bending high. If you’re looking for a “lighter” or “shorter” high, steer clear of this, because in your tool-chest of strains, Grape Krush is a hammer.

This is the strain that you want your friend to smoke after they just flew in, and need to get a good night’s rest before the jet-lag sets in. This is the strain that you can reach for after you just had your cast put on. This is not your “wake-n-bake”, “lets go to the zoo”, burst of creativity – this is a tried and true indica.

Visually, this is one of those strains that takes your breath away. Most “purple” strains will be dark, and frosty, almost black nuggets. This strain is bright purple, with almost-fuchsia shades at the base of the calyxes. Think of the dark shades of purple you can see in a Blackberry – almost black, isn’t it?. Now think of the almost pink-hue that “Purple Cabbage” has when you get a salad when you’re out to eat. This strain, (unlike most “purple” strains) has the almost pink traits.

This is a strain that would take someone’s breath away on Valentine’s Day, and if you’re trying to do that, you should get these seeds planted soon. Don’t rush anything with this plant, and don’t stress it out, because if you do, you might not see the full spectrum of it’s Purple-Pink buds. If you’ve never cured bud before, start with something else and buy other seeds, because this will be a strain that you want to do everything right with . If you are comfortable with the challenge, then you should do just fine. Remember to keep an eye on the “color” towards the end because you want the buds to be bright and light, not dull and dark.

This strain won’t be an “easy” grow, but if you really know what you’re doing and you’re looking for something tasty with a lot of knockdown power, this is the fruity end-of-the-night strain you want. Give it lots of love and you’ll see why people treasure this plant for its colors as well as its heavy-hitting high.

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