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Strain Profile: Green Crack

If you’re willing to grow a taller and lankier plant, and you’re in the market for a sativa, check out Green Crack from Cali Connection. The name might make some readers a little skittish, but I can assure you it’s a marvelous strain. Some people enjoy their hybrids, and other people enjoy their indicas – this strain is for the sativa-lover.

Flavor-wise, it’s a light and slightly sour smoke. Notes of citrus and fresh-cut grass accent a very delicate flavor profile. If you’re looking for something heavier, try a Cheese or Chem variant, or even a cut of Sour Diesel. This strain is absolutely delicious when you vaporize it, and the lack of crude combustion allows the smoker to fully enjoy the light balance of flavors – if you vaporize, or like “lighter” cannabis flavors, this is the strain you want.

As far as high’s go, buckle up. Unless you plan on staying up to binge-watch a television season online, I’d steer clear of this strain for nighttime use. It has some strong stimulant qualities that have been known to really give a strong cerebral high. It’s a faster-paced and zippy high. If you are someone who smokes to alleviate tension, or anxiety, you might want to find a different strain. This is a true sativa.

With the buds, expect frosty and fluffy nugs. Nothing mind-blowingly large, no popcorn nugs, just some fluffy, sticky, buds with a nice sour scent. There are definitely some strong skunk genetics in this strain as well. Green Crack is known for it’s necessity to be double-bagged – it’s definitely got some skunky scent in there as well

Green Crack is also a Cup Winner – so this strain has been full recognized for its flavor, beauty, and potency.

As far as the logistics of the grow goes, I’d recommend this is grown in a single strain environment. You absolutely could get away with growing this in a mixed bag environment – as long as the grow space is devoted to sativa (and their height). The main reason for growing Green Crack in a single strain environment is to preserve its light flavors. The scent from growing this strain could absolutely transfer over to another delicate strain – so you might not want the Green Crack skunk-smell to invade your lighter, and fruiter strains, like Strawberry Cough or Tangerine. It’s important to recognize that this strain’s smell doesn’t accurately represent its smoked flavor. While it may smell skunky and heady – it will absolutely have a light and sour flavor to it. This strain is slightly deceiving with its varied smell and taste.

Regardless of how you decide to grow your Green Crack, it will flourish. It’s a hearty and resilient strain. A solid root base and some lanky branches contribute to this plant’s ability to succeed indoors, or out. Green Crack will impress even the most seasoned of smokers. A quick onset, and almost racy high – this strain is highly recommended for any fans of the “wake-n-bake” or in need of a rush of creative energy.

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