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Strain Profile: Harlequin Bx4

If you want a strain that will help with inflammation, arthritis, or sleep apnea, check out Reeferman’s “Harlequin Bx4” strain. This musky and fruity bud gives the knockdown of a traditional Indica without any of the “high” feelings.

If you’re trying to grow some face-melting fruity bud with a couch-locking high, check out a kush with Afghan or Purple Thai genetics. This Harlequin strain is going to be the ticket for someone who likes the sedating effects of cannabis without the racing high.

Harlequin will deliver dense little skunky-sweet nuggets in a sea of highly sought after trim and sugar leaves. The nuggets should be quite hairy as well – high CBD strains tend to have a lot of hairs and not as much “frost” or trichomes.

This is a great strain to use if you want to make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) because it will contain such a high concentration of CBD. If you want to make BHO, CO2 Oil, Shatter, Pressed Kief, or even Live Resin, this isn’t a strain that I would recommend. For those types of extraction, the goal is usually to create an extract that can be smoked/vaporized giving the user an intense high. CBD-rich strains would lack the THC necessary to make a superior extract of that level of purity. Think of those aforementioned hashes as a refined honey, and RSO is you blackstrap molasses. Both are sweet, one is just “less refined”. Doing an extraction method thats a little more “crude” that fully absorbs all of the cannabinoids, not just THC, is a little easier.

This method requires the user to wash their bud with any number of solvent.  Once the solvent has interacted with the bud, it strips the bud of its essential oils and it absorbs them. Now you have all of the “goodness” from your cannabis in a mixture that could be volatile. How do you separate out the solvent? Boil it off at a very low temperature until you’re left with a black, thick, greasy substance.

Any number of videos on the Internet can teach you how to make an extract or a hash. If I was growing a “high CBD” strain for my medicine, I would make it into “RSO” because 1. RSO is easy to dose, 2. It’s hard to “mess up” and 3. It’s the only form of hash/extract that gets “all” of the cannabinoids.

If you’re trying to grow some high quality medicine, or learn how to make RSO, Harlequin strains from Reeferman are an absolute must. If you’re looking for a “crowd-pleaser” and “grand finale” this isn’t the strain you want. Look for something white and frosty with enough trichomes to look like someone sugar-coated a cannabis cola. IF you want something “zippy” and “fast”, a high CBD strain isn’t going to be your cup of tea either. You will find that strain that makes you happy, and if that strain needs to be something that provides you the least-psychoactive medication possible, then you might need to order yourself some Harlequin seeds from Seedsman’s Reeferman page.

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