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Strain Profile – Hash Passion from Seedsman

Hash Passion is accurately named as it produces large quantities of THC-bearing resin that is absolutely perfect for producing hashish. Hash Passion is a pure indica cannabis strain which thrives in indoor grows where everything can be fine-tuned to maximise resin production. Discover more about why this fantastic regular strain has remained ever popular among Seedsman customers.


Hash Passion is, as you would expect, a strong, cerebral plant that has a high THC content of around 18%. Its CBD content is unknown.


Hash Passion is a totally pure indica strain thanks to its Moroccan lineage.

Flowering Time

Hash Passion is a pretty fast flowering plant which should be ready to harvest outdoors and indoors in around 7 weeks by early October.


Hash Passion is a perfect choice for indoor cultivation but can also be grown outdoors because of its fast flowering time, which finishes early enough to beat the advance of colder and wetter weather patterns.


Hash Passion is available in packs of 10 and 100 at a price of €14.07 and €101.40 respectively.

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Check out how Hash Passion grows from seed to flower in the video below…

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