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Strain Profile: Hash Passion

I really want to make some hash.
I really want to grow something frosty.
If either of those statements apply to you, check out Seedsman’s Hash Passion seeds.

If you’re someone who is experimenting with extracting, and you don’t have a preferred method, this is the strain you want. Why? Because it’s just so resinous, you can’t really go wrong. If you dot all of your I’s and cross all of your t’s and you do everything you have learned in the world of growing, then there is no reason you shouldn’t get a huge yield in terms of potency from this. This is the strain that you could grow, trim, cure, and have enough trichomes to make two types of hash from the same starting material.

If you’re an “extract artist” and you’re trying to get a really tasty shatter, a fruity wax, or some terpy-tasting oil, skip this strain. Why? Because you want something fruity, sweet, and tasty if you’re going to break out your organic chemistry setup and start isolating oils. Get a fruity named strain and go from there – this is the introduction to hash strain for anyone else.

Ice Water Hash?
Traditional Moroccan?
Kief Coins?
Dry Sift?

Winner-winner chicken-dinner. This is your kiefy strain. If you’ve ever seen an add for a “bubble bag” or a bubble hash setup, this is the strain that if you turned into garden, would make you buy one of those. Ice water hash is a great non-corrosive solvent intro into hash making. Check any series of YouTube videos or instructions online for an introduction into that.

Moroccan hashish? You need some screens, parchment paper (not wax paper!) and some hot water. Again there will be YouTube videos for using an oven, and wet paper around a pile of packetized kief into some very tasty hashish.

Kief Coins? Now we’re stepping into modernized hash manufacturing. After a steep down payment (assuming you’re like me and you’re going for quality when you buy tools) you now have the ability to make kief with the flick of a wrist. Check out a stainless steel kief press online, it should look like a faucet and a pepper-mill got a little frisky. This device will use the benefits of a simple machine to compress your kief into rock hard disks of psychoactivity.

Dry Sift? Maybe you’re familiar with kief collection box? This would be the strain that makes you buy one.

This strain has a foothold in Afghani landrace indica’s. IF you are ready for some droopy eyes, couch locking, and phantom naps, look no further. I personally love indica’s and berry tasting cannabis, and this is definitely one of those.

This is a strain that might make you mad when you look at other variants next to it because you’ll have such an elevated expectation for resinous appearance. I recommend getting a larger amount of seeds, and devoting an entire crop to this. If that means an entire plot of land, or an entire tent, do it. Think about it before you do it. If you want a “mixed bag” – skip this strain. This will be the strain you were happy to put on your wish list, because when you grow a dozen of these at once, you’ll know exactly why you waited when you look at your piles of kief.

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