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Strain Profile: Jack Flash #5

Jack Flash #5 from Sensi Seeds is a truly delightful sativa that will have even the most seasoned of smokers in a truly cerebral and relaxing high. I picked some of this strain up from Fresh Baked in Boulder and I was pleasantly by the balanced and upbeat high it gave me.

I’m not a huge fan of sativas, as I mainly stick to my berry and fruit-scented indicas – but when I told my budtender that I needed to finish moving and packing my apartment, and that I needed a little pick-me-up, he directed me to Jack Flash #5. I have done the sharper and more dominant/”pure” sativas – they are very time and place for me, so when I saw that this strain was a sativa dominant hybrid, I was eager to give it a whirl.

It’s impeccable.

Massive light and fluffy buds have a very sticky feel in the hand, and a pleasant aroma of lime and pine. Truly a delightful bud to look at and smell. the taste is light, and you can definitely pick up on the haze genetics when you feel a little heavy and lethargic. The body high in this strain is brute and strong, but the lighthearted and energetic sativa parents in this strain will keep you from getting glued to the couch.

I was very impressed with this strain because it gave me a very strong body high, on top of an otherwise mellow sativa style-high. If the sativa genetics had been more potent, I wouldn’t want to smoke this before noon, as it would leave me in a state of incompetence for the rest of the day. This strain has truly been balanced out to give a very specific type of high – an upbeat sativa without any of the rushing or abrupt aspects of a high-energy strain, mellowed out by a dull, and easing body high.

This strain is going to be great for a summer barbecue, cook-out, relaxing day with friends, or even some beach action. It’s going to give you enough energy to want to get up and pick out a snow-cone flavor, rather than having your friend bring one back to you, an indica lump in the sand. It’s also going to be the strain that makes you appreciate the first person to use an inner-tube as a flotation device. It’s a solid upbeat and mellow strain that I was very impressed by.

I would recommend growing a crop of this in a mixed bag environment. Get a nice mixture of sativa dominant hybrids in the mix – some Jack Flash, Island Sweet Skunk, Flo, and maybe even some Strawberry Cough. I think that regardless of how you grow this, you’re going to be impressed. I’ve smoked Jack Herer and I liked it, it didn’t knock my socks off or make me scream, ‘stop the presses!’.

Jack Flash made me do a double-take.

This light, pine and lime scented hybrid is going to impress you. It doesn’t sport a sugar-coated resinous look, but it’s certainly sticky and perfected. If you’re looking for a hybrid that will still ease pain and relax the body, Jack Flash #5 from Sensi Seeds needs to be on your list.

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