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Strain Profile: Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush is a tasty kush variant with a strong streak of sativa in its genealogy.  If you are a fan of Indica, the before-bed-bowl, and heavy upper eyelids you will be pleasantly surprised by the taste profile of this slightly sativa hybrid.

The “Kush” parent of this strain is what gives the heavy body high. The lemony/sour parent is what gives this strain its smell and taste profile. If you are someone who orders lemonade whenever its available at a restaurant, or enjoys sour candies rather than sweet ones – try this strain. This bud is a perfect lazy summer afternoon strain, so don’t anticipate to have a huge rush of energy and creativity just because the lemony sativa aspect of this bud. At the same time, that lemony and sativa aspect is why you don’t want to smoke this before bed – just because half of the name is “kush” doesn’t mean this is your new holistic sleep-aid.

It is for these reasons that this strain is such an awesome hybrid. You get the taste and smell of the sativa – and, at the same time, you get the heavy upper eyelid high of the kush parent. I believe the biggest thing to take away from a profile on a strain like this is its ideal time to use it. This isn’t a “wake and bake” start-your-day sativa. This isn’t an end your night, time-to-pass-out indica either. This is a very balance hybrid; a great afternoon variant.

Similar to the Sour Diesel and Blueberry Skunk, this strain can have a bit of a harsh smoke. The lemon and citrusy tastes may not be the best choice if you have a sore throat or sensitive pallet. If you are looking for that more soothing smoke, work your way from a Kush strain to a lemon Kush strain, or vaporize this strain to reduce the amount of carcinogens and tars that you are breathing in.

This is a variant of cannabis that has a lot of smell to it, so if you choose to grow this outdoors, keep that in mind. Lemongrass, citrus shrubs, and mint are some fragrant herbs that grow easily near cannabis – if you feel a need to mask your garden smell, try some of these plants.

In terms of outdoor growth, this plant absolutely flourishes in natural sunlight. This is one of the easiest to grow passively outdoors (as long as you give them space). The strong middle-eastern landrace kush genetics make this plant hearty and plump. This aspect of its genealogy is what allows you to push the limits of how hot or cold this strain can get outdoors, or pull its branches in other directions to encourage extra buds.

The sativa and lemony aspect of this plant is why you should give it lots of room and may need to mask its smell. Remember that this plant has a sativa “streak” in its genealogy, and it can easily get to 2.5-3.0m tall. If you push these seeds to that height, you might want to ad in a supporting screen to help force those lollipop shaped nugs upward.

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