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Strain Profile – Midas

A spicy strain isn’t for everyone. Some people only like their ice cream shop flavors; blueberry, chocolope, and strawberry cough.

If you like to venture out of that spectrum, and you get enjoyment from the fuel notes in a diesel strain, or the pungent, almost fermented smell accenting a romulan strain, then you should keep reading and take a peek at Midas from Rare Dankness.

Yes that was Midas, not Mids.

This isn’t your seeds and stems bag of shwag from yesteryear. This is a spicy, and full-flavored smoke.

If you want a mild strain with some woodsy characteristics, you’re a little out of your league. Try a Headband, Ryder, or even an OG variant for something on the mild side of spicy flavored cannabis.

Midas has a lot going on as far as flavors go; think old bourbon, and dark rum.

Midas has some interesting descriptors like “garlic”, “fuel”, and “haze.” I really don’t want you to go into this strain thinking the flavors will be mild. With Midas, there is a lot going on. Cinnamon, black licorice, and oaky notes surround a symphony of hashy underpinnings. If you have ever smoked a mixture of kief-hashes all at the same time, this is going to taste somewhat similar.

If you are a cannabis user who gets a sore throat at even the hint of a citruis strain, skip this. While this strain may not be dripping in limonene, the terpene that makes a lemon haze smell like fresh squeezed summertime in a cup, it definitely has some. Midas has some lemon flavor to it, but more importantly it’s going to be a smoke that won’t be suitable for people who vaporize to reduce agitation on the lungs and throat. This is a full-flavored and spicy smoke.

These golden buds are going to be sticky and resinous. Expect dense and chunky colas right around the stalk. This isn’t going to be a coated-in-sugar appearance like you would expect from an Afghan genepool. This is going to be sticky and spicy like an Acapulco Gold or a Hashplant.
The one similarity that this strain has to those sweet “ice cream” flavored strains that I started this article with is; it should be grown in its own environment. Just like you want to preserve the dainty flavors, and grow them in their own tents, you need to protect them from the robust ones. Celestial Seasonings, a tea company which also calls Boulder, Colorado “home” has this same issue. They have to separate their mint tea from everything else. So much so, that they have a “mint room”. This is because if you even store the loose leaf peppermint tea in the same room as a chamomile, it’s all going to taste like peppermint. Don’t let this problem happen to you in your grow. Nothing would be more disappointing than realizing that your Blueberry, or your Strawberry cough is indistinguishable in taste from your Thai Skunk or your Midas. Stronger smelling and flavored strains should be isolated to preserve the integrity of the other strains in your grow.

Midas will knock your socks off, and dazzle you with it impeccable flavors.

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