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Strain Profile – Moby Dick Feminised from Dinafem Seeds

Moby Dick Feminised is quite possibly Dinafem’s most well-known and celebrated sativa-dominant cannabis strain. And now, when you spend €35.00 or more on these seeds, you will receive a Critical+ Fem seed, absolutely free! Take a read below to find out more about this phenomenal strain from Dinafem.

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Moby Dick is a sativa dominant strain that was created by crossing the best indica and sativa genetic lines that Dinafem had in its possession, a Haze and a White Widow, and is a highly psychoactive strain.

Flowering Time


Moby Dick grows indoors and outdoors in temperate/Mediterranean-style climates, thriving with plenty of light, and it has very good resistance to mould. Indoors flowering is completed in between 60 – 70 days with very good yields of 650 gr/M,sup>2. Outdoors or in a greenhouse plants will be ready for harvesting from mid to late October with some incredible yields – up to 1500 gr/plant is possible from plants that can reach as much as 3.5 meters tall! It’s quite a hungry strain of cannabis so feed it plenty of nutes.

Aromas & Effects

The perfume from Moby Dick is complex and includes floral, lemon and noble wood with the indica-leaning expressions being somewhat sweeter than the sativa ones. The flavours are broadly similar with added incense and Haze notes.

The effect is very relaxing despite its equatorial sativa heritage.


THC production is very high at up to 21% and this is given a further boost by the production of THCV, an active ingredient in tropical sativas which is produced as a reaction to the sun’s ultra-violet rays thus offering more protection in the conditions of fierce heat. The production of CBD is very low which also accentuates the psycho-active power of Moby Dick.


Moby Dick has an impressive rating of 4.8/5 from those who bought her from Seedsman. Here is what some of our customers had to say;

“A great strain that grows amazingly!” – Mee (11/06/2016)

“A big plant” – Charles (27/06/2016)

“Beautiful plant that grows nice big fat juicy buds” – Wheels (18/01/2017)


This strain is available in packs of 1, 3, 5, 10 and 25 at a price of €14.00, €33.00, €55.00, €110.00 and €247.00 respectively.

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