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Strain Profile: Pakistan Ryder

Pakistan Ryder from the World of Seeds is a classic strain that needs to be looked at if you’re in the market for some classic Indica variety in your next grow.

Think of PR as a re-vamped version of the classic Afghani Kush. This seed will produce a big, frosty, and sugary plant with a very mellow high. This is a strain that could easily bring on a phantom nap. If you struggle to fall asleep at night, this strain is your golden ticket.

Personally, I love this lineage in terms of high – it’s a heavy-upper eyelids, melting into the couch, not going to get anything done, lazy and lethargic brutish type of high. I’m a sucker for indica’s, so I like the strains that really “put me down” and have that one-hit-quit aspect to them.

If you need something for morning use, a little rush of creativity, or a pick-me-up type of high, steer clear of this. This is a very heavy indica that is not going to give you what you want. Run a search through Seedsman of their sativa’s and their high THC strains.

I recommend this strain for someone who is on his or her feet all day, an athlete trying to relax after a long day, or if you’re like me, the person who struggles to fall asleep once they are in bed. Think of this strain as the “nightcap” when you’re out getting drinks with friends.

Don’t use this before a concert, music festival, or an art-walk. Use this after a big day before you dip into a hot bath. Smoke this after you break a personal record at the gym.

This is your end-of-the day celebration strain.

If you were interested in any of the previous blog postings on kief collection and hash production, this is a strain that you could experiment with. If you are a grower who has never made hash before, and you want to, order these seeds. Check out the variety of Landrace Indica’s available through Seedsman – OG Truth seeds, the Afghan Ryder, Afghan Kush, Afghan Haze – they will all be similar in the sense that they are all Indica’s (big one’s at that). I recommend a mixed bag if you’re going to devote an entire crop to “farming trichomes”.

Pakistan Ryder seeds are an essential in your mixed bag of landrace indica’s.

If you want to grow outdoors, this is also a strain that I would highly recommend. The genetics in this strain have been perfected outdoors. A fruity strain with a bouquet of flavors and tastes is a strain that has probably been bread and tweaked indoors – while tasty, they are oftentimes a little more “dainty”. Pakistan Ryder is not dainty. This is a hearty, and frosty strain that’s going to pack quite a wallop in terms of “sitdown” highs.

If you are like me, and you love you end of the night bowl, and you like to fall asleep medicated – invest in these seeds. If you want to breed your own cannabis strain, and you know that you want it to really help you fall asleep, use this as a parent when you breed your new creation.

Buy Pakistan Ryder seeds from Seedsman now.

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