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Strain Profile: Pineapple Express

My last article touches on the notion of a “mixed-bag environment” where a grower lets a variety of plants take hold, in order to run the gambit on which strain the grower prefers, or dislikes.

For this “mixed-bag environment” I recommend using auto-flowering strains so the turnover of new and unknown genetics is much faster, allowing the grower to pinpoint which traits they want to keep for the next round, and which traits they want to discard. I also strongly push that the grower takes notes on each new strain, writing down pro’s and con’s; maybe this one take a little longer, or that one has a flavor that you really enjoy – write it down, so at a later date (when you’re ordering more seeds) you can objectively determine which ones you want more of.

This little-black-book technique should allow you to lay the groundwork for a custom hybrid that is tailored to your preferences and needs. This will also produce a card catalog of strains that you have grown and can refer back to in the future!

If you’re going to try this, pull some strains that you know you like, and determine what you like about them. At the same time, pull some completely new, and unknown strains, and give them a whirl. You may just find that you really like “the head high from this strain that I’ve been smoking since my early twenties, but the size of the cola and the smell from this new plant need to be kept in mind”.

Scientific procedure, and a detailed annotation of the things you grow will put you on a direct pathway to creating your own strain of cannabis.

As far as the mixed bag environment with autoflowering strains go, I cannot recommend this one highly enough. Pineapple Express Auto Flowering from Barney’s Farm – it’s an absolutely iconic strain.

If you like sweet, citrus, and a symphony of fruity flavors dancing across your taste buds, this is going to be a strain that you cannot pass up. This plant is going to produce a very close-to-the-stalk cola. Expect a dense, and chunky nug with some Panama Red/Acapulco Gold characteristics. Bright flecks of red, gold and yellow will speckle this tight and tangy sativa.

If you’re looking to create a pure Indica, or even an Indica-dominant hybrid, this is going to be a strain the should be crossed with some other strains before you incorporate it into your newly-formed hybrid. Don’t expect a homemade-hybrid with a Pineapple Express “parent” to knock you out, or help you sleep. This is an upbeat and tasty sativa – it will aid in creativity and have a healthy little buzz to it.

Regardless of your needs, this strain needs to be grown in your setup at least once. Pineapple Express is a juicy and delectable sativa that will floor you with its flavor profile and on how dense and sticky the buds are. Check out this classic from Barney’s farm, and keep it in your little black book if you’re starting the process of creating your own hybrid.

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