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Strain Profile: Snow Bud

Snow Bud from Dutch Passion is an example of a strain that you should, buy, grow, and marvel at. If you’re planning on crossing some strains and breeding your own strain of dank – I recommend you pinpoint what flavors and potencies you are striving for – and take Snow Bud for some pointers. This “high altitude” variety is the result of some South African sativa crossed with the potent and couch-locking “Afghani”.

The high is going to be upbeat, and mellow. Expect to be able to “go-out” and get things done on this strain – even though it has the Afghan genes you won’t hear your couch calling you to come back. You’ll be able to function and enjoy the body high associated with these master genes.

This bud sports white pistils making it have the crystalline outer structure similar to White Widow. These cola’s aren’t spectacularly large, but they do indeed have a large amount of resin making them potent. The nugs themselves are fluffy, hairy and coated in trichomes. Expect small, light, and fluffy buds, lime green with white hairs, that literally look like they’ve been coated in sugar

This sativa dominant hybrid is going to be a great choice for the afternoon pick-me-up and the early morning smoke. I wouldn’t smoke this at night unless I’m planning to go out and about – this is not a couch-locking indica.

This bud is a great stepping-stone for the novice breeder – it shows a good grower that your buds don’t have to be massively large to be potent, sweet, and tasty.

I would highly recommend growing this before going off on your own inventive phase, because a small and potent strain shows you that you can still acquire a high yield without having huge cola’s. Snow Bud has some great color too – much darker (almost purple) leaves accented by a vibrant dusting in milky colored trichomes. They aren’t large, but they look fantastic.

The flavor from these buds is reported as “smooth and spicy” which I definitely agree with. It’s not as spicy or chemmy as a “chem” strain or something nicknamed for it’s sharp smells of feline urine. It definitely has a hint of woodsy, outdoor spice and “cinnamon” stood out as accurate when I read than in another review of these genetics. The flavor is definitely smooth and almost creamy. Overall I’d compare this to a chai latte in the fall – sweet, smooth, slight creamy notes, all accented by a delightfully spicy symphony of cake spices and fresh cut wood.

If you’re looking for something big, or something fruity, check out “Amnesia” or “Afghan” for size, and either “Auto Lemon” or “White Berry” for the fruity flavor direction.

Snow bud is going to earn it’s name visually and it’s flavor profile is going to be something a little more autumnal in palate. I recommend this for the craft whiskey or bourbon drinker, or the smoker who simply wants to take a good look at a carefully created hybrid before they try to breed one of their own.

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