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Strain Profile: Sour Chiesel

One of the top ten strains we sell at Seedsman is the “Sour Chiesel” from Big Buddha Seeds. Very similar in terms of high, smell, and taste to “Dairy Queen” – this slightly sour and cheesy variety is a crowd-pleasing hybrid. This strain is definitely one of our more potent varieties, so if you’re looking for something with a less mind-melting high, this is not going to be the strain you want to pick out.

If you love the citrus flavor profile and limonone-rich strains alike, this a strain you should flag. I also highly recommend growing this in a “mixed bag of seeds” environment (if you’re into mixing things up). One way I have seen strains with this flavor profile grown in home set-ups is to have a small grouping of some “sour strains” on one side of the grow. On the opposite side of the grow you have some “heady and cheesy strains”. Separating these two smell-segregated strains is a small cluster of strains like Sour Chiesel. This allows you to have a transition from sour to cheesy buds through three separate, but distinctly similar strains.

As a huge fan of Indica’s and fruity kushes, you would think that this strain might not catch my eye or nose – but it did, and it has. This is a strain that if you’ve never smoked it, needs to be on your bucket-list. It has such a wildly “gourmet” aroma to it, it’s absolutely breathtaking. Don’t only think of a sharp and skunky strain when you first take this in – there truly is a distinctly sour and citrus accent to this flavor profile. This strain would pair amazingly on a sunny summer afternoon with fresh-squeezed lemonade and a cheeseboard at a picnic.

I don’t recommend this strain for night-time or “PM” use. It’s definitely got a little bit of sativa dominating the potent hybrid combination. That being said, if you are a wake-n-baker, or someone who likes to smoke at or before noon, this strain might not be the best choice if you want to get things done later in the day. This is going to be a notably more “recreational” strain than a “medical” one and is going to be good for catching up with old friends, going out to see a show, and before an upscale meal. This wouldn’t be my choice for “back pain” an “early morning buzz” or “an early night’s rest”. This is a strain that you want to smoke for the taste, and it’s uplifting and potent high.

This strain will do well outdoors, but it will thrive in an indoor tented stup. If you want to grow this with a crop of “big and tall” “potent hybrids” outdoors, by all means, do that. This strain will rocket up in 9-10 weeks and give you a pleasantly large yield. I recommend doing this indoors with some other cheesy and sour strains because the flavor and smell of this strain isn’t something that I would want mellowing outdoors. I think that the strongest flavors and smells come from a highly regulated and indoor environment, and outdoors is a more passive and “bigger” way to grow. That being said, this strain is renowned for its sour and cheesy flavors, so why not do everything in your power to maintain their integrity?

Regardless of how you grow Sour Chiesel, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a crowd-pleasing and dank-smelling hybrid that will remind you why you love the varieties in cannabis as much as you do.

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