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Strain Profile: Super Lemon Haze Auto

Super Lemon Haze Auto Feminised from Greenhouse Seed Company is a phenomenal cut of cannabis genetics for the grower who has their indoor setup operating smoothly, the flavor enthusiast and cannabis connoisseur, or the small batch hash maker.

If you have your light cycles displaying a full spectrum full 24hrs a day and some CO2 on a slow “drip” into your tent you will be both maximizing growth time and yield. Factor in a a few grows under your belt and what’s essentially a scorched-Earth-policy towards mildew and mites and you’ll be a master in the tent in no time. That’s the type of experience I’d push for before going the extra mile and buying these top shelf feminised and auto-flowering seeds. You’ll have a crop of very flavorful and poten females that will turn over in nine weeks, assuming you know what you’re doing.

Flavor-wise, if you love the sour and citrusy scents and tastes with your cannabis, this is a must-have. Tons of lemon flavor and a bouquet of lemon aroma in the hand. Visually,your Lemon Haze buds will be slender and frosty. This can be a lighter and almost yellow and hashy colored bud. If you’re looking for something that’s alabaster, mauve, or a vibrant shade of lime, this isn’t the strain you’re looking for  – it’s going to be a little more on the drab side of cannabis appearances. That color isn’t to indicate boredom by any means, many strains of Afghan Indica genetics or strains associated with being made into hash have a slightly dingy color associated with them – this is usually due to an abundance of milky colored or amber colored trichomes.

Regardless of the color and appearance of the bud, this bud is quite potent. Super Lemon Haze has regularly been hitting numbers north of 22% THC. This strain can proudly claim some back to back wins at the Cannabis Cup in between 2008 and 2009. In terms of sour and lemony strains, this strain holds the title for that category too. It’s potent, it’s tasty, and it grows very quickly.

The real reason I highlighted this strain is for its potentials as a hash. This limonene-rich strain is truly full of terpenes. This is a strain that will grab you by the nose. Combine that with the aforementioned recognition of its potencies and now you have a hash that is going to be incredibly strong and incredibly flavorful. I would recommend doing this in a small batch, because if something doesn’t go well, you can change a variable, and use more of your starting material. Rosin-Tech is a new angle on some old techniques that anybody unfamiliar with could find fascinating. This technology can range from a double reinforced pneumatic press capable of flattening a toaster with an integrated heating pad costing upwards of $10,000 USD to your girlfriend’s hair straightener with some parchment paper. This utilizes evenly distributed pressure and heat to press the essential oils out of the dried flower.

If you’re new to hash, and you don’t want to break the bank trying to make it, starting with something as low-cost as a hair straightener might not be a bad introduction into making your own Super Lemon Haze Rosin at home.

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