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Strain Profile: Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a strain that you need to appreciate for its beauty. This is a flower that has been bread for its appearance as well as it’s high. The first set of attributes is becoming less and less sought-out as contemporary cannabis breeders fine-tune which cannabinoids they want to be selective towards.

What I’m getting at is if you are a grower in 2015, you’re probably focused on a combination of three things when you buy seeds; THC content, CBD content, and taste/smell. Will it get me really high? Will it sedate me and aid with pain? Does it have a pallet-pleasing aroma and taste? These are the questions that our current cannabis market focuses on – potency and taste.

Super Silver Haze is the photogenic centerfold of yester-year. This is the cannabis variant that a serious rose-grower might have a smooth transition into. The plant itself is white, resinous, and hairy. The hairs should be “silver” or somewhere in line with Chinese White Tea. If you’re looking at contrasting lime green buds with milky orange hairs, you’re probably not looking at Super Silver Haze. If you’re buying this in flower-form, give it a once over with your eyes and confirm that the bud you are looking at corresponds with this iconic name.

S.S.H. has a long lasting indica high, so, if you are someone who benefits from using cannabis mid-day to help treat alleviate symptoms of a given illness, you might want to try this at night, or after you have managed all of your upcoming responsibilities. This is a strain that “creeps up” on users, so consume a small portion of what you normally would, and re-assess your needs after an hour.

This strain is not suitable for someone that needs a pick-me-up, rush of creativity, or plans on being active. This is a lazy and long lasting high. If you need help sleeping at night, or you’re looking to really spend a day being under the influence of cannabis, this is the strain for you.

Before growers knew the “technical” side of growing that they know now, they used to breed for beautiful looking flowers. Debates still wage on weather or not this was a step towards stronger cannabis, or just an over-excited effort towards cannabis with sex appeal. Super Silver Haze is the strain that will make you do a double take because visually, it looks like some sort of inter-galactic shrub.

If you’re looking to grow a strain for its large yield and ruggedness, you should keep searching. If you have fine-tuned your C02 setup and really want to grow something “beautiful”, look no further.

Super Silver Haze is the original “designer weed”. In the 90’s, when that term was first coined, people were referring to designer tastes, like blueberry, chocolate, and cantaloupe. But long before these “flavor fads” of a quarter century ago, there was a huge appreciation for strains that “looked good”. S.S.H. is the original designer-weed, so if you’re up to the challenge, invest – you won’t be disappointed.

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