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Strain Profile: Think Different AutoFem from Dutch Passion

Think Different was Dutch Passions first elite AutoFem to hit the market and it surprised everyone when the home growing community realised how easy it was to grow top quality cannabis from auto seeds. Even first time growers were making it look easy. Think Different came from a very special clone-only variety called AK420, it was a photoperiod variety grown from AK47 seed. Dutch Passion took the gamble of feminizing and automating the genetics and releasing them in the days when some people were still sceptical about AutoFems. Such was the success that Think Different became Dutch Passions best selling variety in their entire collection. That kind of stat surprises us so it must have been a shock to Dutch Passion. However, after a smoke assessment of Think Different, I also fully understood why Think Different had risen all the way to the top.

My first experience of Think Different came from a friend who grew her from seed to harvest under 24 hour light in 75 days. I never knew that was possible, but the automatics with best genetics and stability will grow under 24 hour daylight these days. How fast things have progressed in the world of auto breeding. The Think Different buds look like any other good quality sativa-dominant variety, with a colour half way between green and straw-coloured and a pleasing level of frost. The scent was not that strong, a little bit surprising, it was more of a delicate floral aroma with hints of the haze hammer which was soon to follow.

We rolled a joint, admittedly it was quite a big one for two people, but the strength of this one really took me by surprise. Anyone that thinks they can smoke a little bit more because ‘its only an auto’ needs to think again. This looks and smokes like a genuine top-class sativa with a strong Haze heritage. Before the joint was finished we put it out and saved the rest for later, my head was spinning after a few smokes. Think Different is a classic ‘anti-technology’ smoke. If you were thinking of doing anything ‘technical’ such as checking email, watching a complicated movie or having a meaningful conversation then think again. You are better advised to find something less demanding to do, such as listen to music, watch sport or take a walk and hope you don’t meet anyone needing a chat.

The name ‘Think Different’ is said to have evolved after the Dutch Passion team decided it was time to Think Differently about Auto breeding following the first smoke test on this variety. It certainly changed my mind, it was simply a top quality smoking experience from an easy-to-grow next generation auto. If there is anyone left that is not yet convinced about the quality of the best modern automatics then try this one, and see how long before you start to Think Different. One of my favourites.

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