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Strain Profile: UK Cheese

When I buy marijuana in West Michigan, I have very limited options, but the quality is phenomenal. I usually get Amnesia – a super solid haze strain that you can find through Seedsman.

The grower that facilitates my summer splurges only grows one strain, and from experience I can tell you that growers who only crop one strain have two distinct characteristics; they are phenomenal at growing their prized plant, and they have usually grown every strain you can rattle off of the top of your head, and have concluded that their specific strain is the best for their needs.

So the point I’m getting at is, if you grow, eventually you’ll stumble upon “the one”. This is the strain you never want to “not have.” It’s different for every grower, but eventually you’ll find it.

If you want to find “the one” I recommend your next grow has two distinct characteristics. The first is that you only grow “autoflower” varieties, so your turnover rate is much faster, allowing you to cover more strains in a shorter grow cycle. The second characteristic is that you grow “classics” in a mixed bag environment.

I recommend growing the “classics” because this will allow you to get a feel for which genetics you enjoy, and then you can go from there. I would skirt away from things like “Blue Cheese” and instead grow one “Blueberry” and one “UK Cheese”.

During this process you may realize that you thoroughly enjoy the body high from a “Master Kush” or the smell profile from a “Tangerine” or a “Lemon Mazar” – this is why you should have a little black book that you can write the “Pros and Cons” of each strain. From there, you can use your notes to objectively determine which strains you want to order again, which strains you don’t want to order again, and most importantly, which strains you want to cross.

This documented Auto-Flower Mixed Bag environment should help you lay the foundation for a hybrid that caters to your needs.

Regardless of which auto-flower strains you throw into the mix, I’m going to make a strong push that you include Seedsman’s Autoflower UK Cheese. If Seedsman was based in New York City, I’m sure I’d be recommending “Seedsman’s NYC Sour Diesel”, but these Londoners specialize in a very potent and cheesy hybrid, rather than a citrusy sativa. Try Seedsman’s UK Cheese, and I guarantee you’ll understand how it got the label “UK” included in its name.

Seedsman’s UK Cheese is devastating. It might not pair well with a fruity soda, or some gummies after a late-night adventure to the supermarket, but it certainly hits quickly. Very fast onset, very fast grow cycle, and  a lovely turnover as far as the pollen/kief yield goes. This strain is a must for the grower trying to pinpoint their hybrid genetics, or the novice hash-maker trying to learn the process of sifting and pressing kief into hashish.

Check out Seedsman’s autoflowering strains, and add UK Cheese to your next order, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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