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Strain Profile – Violeta Feminised from Ace Seeds

Violeta from Ace Seeds takes its name from the vibrant colour of its finished plant. It is one of a number of Ace Seeds’ feminised collection that have been lauded for their consistency and unique aromas and flavors. Discover why this fantastic feminised strain is so well respected in the industry.


Violeta is an indica/sativa hybrid with its lineage stemming from a Purple Malawi and Purple Pakistan Chitral Kush. These two plants have been combined and its outcome is this stunning strain, which has taken its vibrant colours from both parents.

Flowering Time

In most instances, Violeta will take between 8 and 10 weeks to flower.


This strain is a perfect choice for indoor cultivation but can also be grown outdoors because of its relatively fast flowering time, which finishes early enough to beat the advance of colder and wetter weather patterns.


Undoubtedly, Violeta is most lauded for its vibrancy of color. However, she also posses a very unique balsamic and fruity aroma and a pleasant balance effect that will leave you very relaxed.


This strain is available in packs of 1,3 and 5 at a price of €9.00, €25.50 and €40.00 respectively.

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