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Strain Profile: White Widow

White Widow is a classic marijuana strain. Aptly named for it’s bright white trichomes, white widow is “frosty” or “crystally” in appearance. This potent strain is a beautiful representation of the indica-dominant hybrid originating from quality cannabis breeding in Amsterdam. The deep depths of Leafly’s cannabis forums and strain reviews claim that white widow originated by crossing a “Brazilian sativa land-race” with a “resin-heavy south Indian indica”. This is the mastery of cannabis breeding and genetics in the direction of potency, not flavor. These two genetic traits, landrace sativa, and heavy-resin indica were chosen primarily for their abilities to get a user “high”. Landrace means the specific strain of cannabis was chosen carefully from a field of “wild” growing cannabis. That choosing process is why your online seeds ordered from a Dutch seedbank cost five euro per seed. Some cannabis connoisseur booked a flight to Brazil, found a field full of good cannabis and a farmer that wouldn’t shoot them on site, and purchased the seeds after selecting only the best of the wild plants.

The resin-heavy Indian indica means that same cannabis connoisseur booked another separate flight to India, where they scoured the land for potent pot only to carefully select their new strain to cross breed.

After both of these strains were gathered from around the globe and grown in the Netherlands, they were bred together to create the variety you enjoy today. A lot of work, planning, and secrecy went into the genetic makeup of what is getting you high. My hope is that this explanation will make you more appreciative of the flower you buy.

What this means is that the breeders who created White Widow were trying to create a very potent strain, which would be prized for its ability to get a user feeling high. My understanding is that they were immensely successful because white widow is prized for its potency. This is not to say that White Widow is an unpleasant smoke, it’s absolutely delightful in taste. What I am saying is that when you hear a person talk about their experience with White Widow, I would make a very safe bet that they will recount how high they felt or how quickly their high peaked, rather than talk about the taste of the bud,

Some cannabis is bread for its taste, some cannabis is bread for potency, and some is bread for its medicinal properties. White Widow is a strain that was bread purely for potency and effect. I have heard that generations ago the Dutch would breed their cannabis for stigmas (the little red hairs) because they were under the impression that these small red growths were the source of psycho-activity when it reality it is the pollen/trichomes which are most sought after.

White Widow, for those who have smoked it, is a heavy-hitting indica type of high. This has fast head-rush and walloping body buzz. If you should find yourself sampling cannabis by strain name and white widow is available, save this strain for last on your list to smoke. It is truly a grand finale. This will be the strain that dazzles you. It’s a smooth creamy smoke, not sour, not fruity. It’s a well-balanced taste that was not produced overnight. I like to tell my recreational cannabis customers to really research the genetics of what they buy before they smoke it. This isn’t to say “don’t smoke good cannabis if you’re not certain of its genetic origins.” This is to give scholarly credit where it is due. If you took the time to learn that white grapes make a white wine whereas purple ones make a red wine, why not take the time to learn the genetics of what you’re smoking? It only seems fair to the cannabis connoisseurs who scavenged the globe for only the best seeds to create your bowl of fun. Give credit where credit is due and it will make you a more appreciative an educated consumer.

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By Maxwell Bradford

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