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Strain Profile: Y Griega

Y Griega from Medical Seeds is going to be the best thing you can by, if you’re in the market for some South American Sativa genetics.

This hearty landrace strain is going to flourish outdoors. It will do just as well indoors, but, if you’re a strictly outdoor grower, highlight this strain. Y Griega has a very crystal coated – sugary appearance. The buds are fluffy and light, and cling to the central stalk. Another comment from the growing community is that this strain produces some great trim. The small sugar leaves that grow near the buds – not ideal for smoking. While you might hack and cough on a bowl of trim, it’s not to be discarded. This trim can be used to make tinctures, extracts, and edibles. If you’re a grower who strictly processes their cannabis into edibles, highlight this strain. You’re going to get a lot of frosty trim from such a marvelous example of South American Sativa.

The high on this strain is going to be drawn out and hazy. If you’re someone who likes a quick high (referring to duration, not onset), skip this strain. This high is going to be long and airy. If you don’t like a ‘spacy’ high, skip this strain. If you like to blast off, and instantly feel the high coming on after the first puff, this is a strain you want.  This strain has a very fast onset, and a very long and drawn out high.

This strain can absolutely be pushed to the brink of potencies, as some growers claim to get this strain in the upper 20’s. THC content aside, this plant is absolutely delightful. Long and pointy nuggets are what you can expect to dive into. This strain has some of the bigger buds as far as sativas go. Don’t expect anything massive like Afghani or White Widow, but this strain absolutely has some of the larger nugs for it’s genetic sect.

The flavor on this strain is indicative of a traditional “haze” variant. This will have a mellow and slightly earthy flavor to it. This strain would do just as well in a pipe as it would in a vaporizer. The flavor profile on this strain isn’t going to be your typical light and fresh sativa – expect some distinct haze flavors. It is for that reason that this strain will do very well in a mixed-bag environment – you don’t have to baby a finicky set of flavors. These haze genetics will do just fine if they have other strains around them.

If you are in the mood for some experimental growing, this strain would do well. It’s got a lot of growth involved, so you could trim it like a bonsai tree if you were feeling bold. Another fun option for a plant like this (and a way to increase grow space in a vertical sense) would be to “sidecar” this plant and trick it into growing “out” rather than “up”. Regardless of how you grow it, Y Griega will be enjoyed by all.

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