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Study Reveals 2 out of 3 Pain Patients Quit Prescription Opioids for Medical Cannabis

The results of an incredible study from Aclara Research have revealed that more than two-thirds of all pain patients stopped using opioids after they had started to use medical cannabis.

The study was conducted in the form of a survey. 400 pain patients were asked for their views on medical cannabis and prescription opioids. 67% of the patients said that they were able to stop using prescription drugs once they had the ability to access their local medical cannabis program.

A further 29% of surveyed patients said that they were able to significantly reduce their opioid intake with medical cannabis. Just 4% of those surveyed stated that cannabis had no affect on the amount of prescription opioids that they needed to take.

At the same time, Aclara Research surveyed 500 pharmacists regarding their thoughts on medical cannabis and opioids. An amazing 87% of those surveyed agreed that cannabis should be legalised for medical use, while 69% believe that they should be allowed to suggest and dispense medical cannabis to their patients.

Despite the overwhelming number of pharmacists open to medical cannabis and the number of patients it is seemingly helping, the results also show a distinct lack of communication between both parties.

In fact, only 15% of surveyed patients have spoken to their pharmacists about medical cannabis. This indicates a need for cannabis to become a far less taboo subject among the medical profession and those in need of medical help.

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