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Thailand Set to Unveil New Medical Cannabis Regulations

In a league table of nation’s where you wouldn’t want to be caught with drugs of any kind on your persons, it’s safe to say that Thailand would be vying for the championship title.

All too often, we have been presented with media stories of Western tourists, imprisoned for indeterminate amounts of time simply for holding small quantities of psychoactive substances.

However, away from the dark, dirty cells of the Southeast Asian nation’s jails, new medical cannabis regulations are set to be announced over the next few days, which will likely move marijuana out of the negative shadows where other illicit substances remain.

The new regulations, which experts say could pave the way for millions of dollars of investment into the country, will see the boundaries of medical marijuana research greatly increased. This will now mean that scientists can work with humans to discover the plant’s therapeutic effects.

Thailand is already leading the way in Asia when it comes to cannabis legalization. While the process has been a slow one, there are now 23 districts in the country where Hemp cultivation is abundant and one company, Thai Cannabis Corp. who have been given permission to grow cannabis and process extracts from their harvests.

However, much like Switzerland’s laws on cannabis cultivation, the THC content of any harvest cannot exceed 1%, which essentially means psychoactive properties of the plant are all but removed.



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