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THC Oil Fights Early Stage Cancer

Marijuana has always been considered to be more than just a relaxation drug, more than sharing a couple of laughs with your closest friends. At one point, people even made a car purely out of hemp (and no, I am not referring to the Cheech and Chong movie) but that didn’t work out for various reasons. We still don’t know all possible medical variations of this fantastic plant but we do know we trust results when we see them. People were experimenting with hash oil decades ago but nobody really took it that seriously. Plus, the connection to the highly eccentric drug called cannabis didn’t really do much for the credibility of the oil’s medical traits. Doctors revered it, families ran away from it like the devil and, even today, some clinics will not even treat you if they find out that you have been using marijuana oil.

Production of Cannabis Oil

THC oil is really not that difficult to make. All it takes is a strain of marijuana, some solvents, a stove and you’re pretty much good to go. The better the solvent, the better the quality of the oil. Without getting into details, producing THC oil is not difficult but it requires certain finesse to get the best out of the strain. Various strains work for different reasons and while it is considered that CBD is the one largely responsible for the oil’s medical traits, recent research has shown that CBD sometimes doesn’t work as well without its big brother THC. Ever since I have started doing my own cannabis research, people always ask me what strain is good for this type of cancer or that type of cancer but I tend to point them in the right direction, rather than spitting out my own conclusion.


With that being said, a year ago I met a true THC oil connoisseur that not only knows what he’s doing but also tends to work with the very best solvents in the medical community with the goal of producing truly high quality THC oil. He showed me the process and introduced me to several of his patients that had some truly incredible testimonials. The strain he used was White Widow even though there are far better strains out there with even larger medical potential. However, even with White Widow, he achieved tremendous results. A woman, in her mid fifties, was diagnosed with lung cancer and showed me the results before and after taking THC oil. To make a long story short, her cancer shrunk by 40%. It’s not a miracle, but it is definitely the next best thing.

I was introduced to another woman in her mid forties who had ovarian cancer. By the time she was scheduled for surgery, the cancer was completely gone. You see, as far as I could gather from all these testimonials, it was essential that the cancer was discovered at its very early stages. Surely, no doctor would recommend THC oil but this was an incredible achievement, to the point of even the doctors wondering what the hell was going on. If the cancer had metastasised, it would have been really hard to fight it with THC oil so keep that in mind. For instance, a friend’s dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer but the cancer has spread to the point where a gallon of cannabis oil wouldn’t have made any difference.

Self-Prescribed Cannabis

So, before you check into self-prescribed cannabis daycare, make sure you find out as much as you can about the illness that is affecting you, appropriate strains and how to best take advantage of those strains. For instance, maybe you have decided to go with chemotherapy and one of the worst side effects of chemo is loss of appetite. For that, you don’t need a particular strain because those munchies will help bring back your appetite no matter what.

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