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The 5 Best Cannabis Strains for a SCROG Set-up

Many experienced cannabis cultivators will be fully aware of what SCROG means.

However, for those who don’t, SCROG, or SCReen Of Green, is a training technique in which plants are literally grown through a screen or mesh.

This technique is often used when grow space is limited and you need to control a plant with notable stretching tendencies.

Check out which 5 strains are ideal if you have a SCROG set up ready to go, all of which are available to buy at…

Jack Herrer Fem from Seedsman

Genetics – Original Haze x Red Skunk

Flowering Time – 9 Weeks

Jack Herrer from Seedsman is a hybrid of Northern Lights # 5, Shiva and Skunk. The result is a very vigorous plant which is a perfect candidate for SCROG.

When training Jack Herrer, you will want to cover as much of the net as possible, because when she is flowered, she will stretch substantially, with multi-branched tightly packed flowers.

As she is a three-way hybrid, this lady will express the best of  her lineage and as a result, will produce tremendous yields.

The taste and aroma is citrus, pine, lemongrass and musky mango.

Her effects when smoked are feelings of total happiness and a state of focus and awareness.

A great strain for social scenarios and times of high concentration with THC levels between 18-23%.

You can buy Jack Herrer Fem seeds from Seedsman here.

White Russian Fem by Serious Seeds

Genetics – O.G Kush x White Russian

Flowering Time – 8/9 Weeks

Serious Seeds created this hybrid back in the 1990’s, and while it is still considered a powerhouse concerning yield and potency, the modern day White Russian is a brilliant strain for SCROG.

She will grow tall and with an abundance of new shoots from every side branch, making her easy to train and set in place.

This lady will also react very well to super cropping and snapping of stems, allowing a very strong and dense canopy to be formed above the screen.

When flowered, she will stretch around 150% which is ideal for using a screen.

Her taste and aroma are a strong, musky and pungent earthy sweetness, which is more defined when smoking.

She can test as high as 20%+ in THC, which makes her a highly potent and sizeable yielding cannabis strain.

You can buy White Russian Fem seeds from Seedsman here.

Star 47 Fem from World Of Seeds

Genetics – AK47 x Sensi Star

Flowering Time – 8/9 Weeks

Despite Star 47 being a 90% Indica, she is well recommended for SCROG.

This lady is a hybrid of AK47 and Sensi Star from Paradise Seeds. Both of the parents were previous cup winners so you can expect highly potent flowers with robust bushy plants.

Despite her indica dominance, Star 47 will stretch considerably, yet will not grow taller than 150cm. She will grow with multiple tops all producing one main cola, similar to the original AK47.

Her taste and aroma are intensely sweet and similar to candy and perfume.  She has a beautiful fragrance which when smoked becomes amplified to a smooth, cherry funk.

This strain will produce yields of thick, dense and sticky nugs in a short time of 63 days, making her an excellent choice for beginner growers who want to test themselves with a SCROG set-up.

You can buy Star 47 Fem seeds from Seedsman here.

Amnesia Kush Fem from Dinafem

Genetics – Amnesia Haze x O.G Kush

Flowering Time – 9/10 Weeks

An enormous yielding strain from Dinafem, Amnesaa Kush is a hybrid of Amnesia Haze and O.G Kush. The result is a 20% THC, monster producer that works amazingly in a SCROG.

The structure of the plant is tall and thin, with large fan leaves that have thin blades.

Amnesia Kush is very easy to train and is ideal for anyone who is new to SCROG.

When flowered, she will stretch around 200%, meaning she can be easy to control once the growing period is over.

The taste and aroma is citrus and lime, with earthy overtones. When smoked, the taste is more diesel and gas like, with a potent high that can leave users couch locked and lethargic.

Amnesia Kush is one of the largest producers around and comes highly recommended.

You can buy Amnesia Kush Fem seeds from Seedsman here.

Skywalker Kush Fem by Reserva Privada

Genetics – Skywalker x O.G Kush

Flowering Time – 8/9 Weeks

Skywalker Kush from Reserva Privada is highly aromatic, highly potent and high yielding.

She is a cross of Skywalker from Dutch Passion and an O.G Kush, meaning she will express a 75% indica dominance.

Perfect for SCROG, she will grow small and stocky during the growing stage and when flowered, will stretch around 200%.

This lady has a very tall stretch for a Kush strain, which is why she has made this list.

The aroma and taste are intense, and the palate is overwhelmed by a creamy, diesel, dank, lemony citrus which is seriously loud regarding flavour and fragrance.

While Skywalker Kush producers delightful small, thick, dense buds which are coated in resin, she is exceptionally pungent so make sure those carbon filters are working correctly!

You can buy Skywalker Kush Fem seeds from Seedsman here.

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