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The USA Collection from Seedsman

The USA is home to some of the finest cannabis genetics in the world. The wonders of west coast weed have been well established for decades, because of the favourable growing conditions and long history of cannabis cultivation in the region. Added to that, the fast pace of cannabis reform sweeping the country, has facilitated tremendous investment and development in the industry, and established North America as a front runner in cannabis innovation.

Infamous strains such as OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and Green Crack all hail from California, and Seedsman has put together a collection of their offspring as well as other newer kids on the block for a true taste of the west coast. If you prefer photoperiod growing then sample Girl Scout Crack, Gelat.OG and Peyote Zkittlez. If you are an auflowering fan then kick back with Green Crack Auto, Larry Lemon OG Auto, and Zkittlez Auto.

Designed to help guide you through what can seem like an overwhelming array of choice, this collection offers you a taster of three knock out US-inspired strains. Collections are value priced at 20% off the cost of buying strains separately – so you save money too.

The USA Photoperiod Feminised Collection

Girl Scout Crack

A cross of two perennially popular strains; Green Crack and Girls Scout Cookies, Girl Scout Crack retains the most sought after traits of both its parents. Combining the invigorating energy and focus of the sativa-dominant Green Crack with the euphoric relaxation of indica-dominant Girl Scout Cookies, this strain enables users to find a perfect balance between vitality and respite.

The phenomenal therapeutic benefits of both parents are also prevalent in Girl Scout Crack, which is suitable for those suffering with pain, nausea, loss of appetite, stress and depression. As an indica/sativa hybrid, it is suitable for both night and day medication. Girl Scout Crack has a sweet, fruity aroma with purple leaves and a dense bud structure. Like both parents, the strain takes around 7 – 9 weeks to finish flowering.


Gelat.OG is the culmination of bringing together two much-in-demand West Coast strains – Gelato and OG Kush. If you are looking for a strain with a deliciously mouth-watering taste, heavy yields, pretty fast flowering and a happy yet potent and relaxing effect – then you may well have found your Holy Grail in Gelat.OG.

Gelat OG grows well both indoors and outdoors. Its flavour and scent combine sweet citrus with earthy notes. THC production is very high at 25% with very low CBD content. The overall effect is one of extreme happiness, comfort and profound relaxation.

Peyote Zkittlez

Peyote Zkittlez is a superb cross of Peyote Wifi and Zkittlez. This is an indica-dominant strain that has very high THC potential and big yields, traits inherited from both its parents.

Peyote WiFi is an indica dominant cross of Peyote Purple, derived from a single purple pheno-type which was back-crossed for several generations to cement its qualities, and WiFi, a US indica strain created by crossing The White with Fire OG. Peyote Wifi is known for its generous yields of potent weed.  Zkittlez is a sweet-tasting indica-dominant (80%) cannabis strain which also produces large yields and high levels of THC. This is a very colourful strain displaying green and purple colours with bright orange pistils. Therapeutic applications include stress, depression and anxiety.

Peyote Zkittlez offers a variety of complex and delicious flavours – very sweet and earthy with strong fruit notes accompanied by a delicate incense background. It produces a powerful effect thanks to its THC level being over 20% in some phenotypes. The effects are physically relaxing and mentally stimulating.

The USA Autofem Collection 

Green Crack

Green Crack Auto is a great strain for all growers, including novices, as well as for the connoisseur cannabis consumer. This sativa-dominant auto hybrid is fast, productive, flavoursome and imparts an energising, upbeat effect which is great for all social situations. The buds are an attractive light green in colour and are flecked with bright orange pistils. Resin production is high making this a fine strain for those making extracts.

The taste of Green Crack Auto has a dominant mango flavour supported by floral and fruity notes all of which are emphasised on the exhale. THC production is around 20% with low CBD of 0.7%. The overall effect is very uplifting accompanied by euphoric sensations and a creative energy for those possessed of such talents. Its positive nature makes it ideal in a range of social situations at any time of day.

Larry Lemon OG Auto

Larry Lemon OG Auto is the auto-flowering version of this elite US Ocean Grown (OG) strain. It was created by crossing Lemon Larry (OG Kush x SVF OG) with an OG Auto, somewhat paradoxically in Orange County, California, given its name. This prestige auto strain is suitable for cultivation indoors and outdoors. It exudes a clear lemon citrus scent during flowering. The taste of Larry Lemon OG Auto is rather acidic, similar to that of New York City Diesel, with powerful lemon and earthy notes. THC production is high and the effect is potent, relaxing and euphoric without becoming too physical or debilitating at all.

Zkittlez Auto

Zkittlez Auto is one of the very sweetest-tasting auto strains available anywhere. It is a sativa-dominant strain that was bred from Zkittlez (Grape x Grape Apple) crossed with a male Fruit Auto (Fruit Cheese Auto x Blueberry Auto). Growers can expect to harvest large yields of high-THC buds within 75 days. Its high-THC effect is well-balanced being very good for social situations as well as relaxing in front of the TV either alone or with company.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


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