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This European Country has Destroyed 2.4 Million Cannabis Plants Since June

Nestled between Greece and the beautiful Adriatic Sea, the diminutive country of Albania has never been considered a major player in the development of cannabis within Europe.

However, within its borders, there is a never-ending tug-of-war between civilian cultivators and government; the former producing an incredible multitude of plants while the latter destroying as many plants as possible.

This week, it was revealed that since June, 2.4 million cannabis plants have been eradicated in the country after the government made disrupting the burgeoning market a priority. This number of cannabis plants are estimated to be worth around €3.3 Billion Euros, almost one-third of Albania’s gross domestic product.

Local Police Chief Haki Cako spoke to the media last week and revealed that 540 acres of cannabis plants have been destroyed as the government look to eradicate any trace of a market in the country.

This is not the first instance of Albanian authorities destroying a significant number of cannabis plants. In 2014, the town of Lazarat, once referred to as the cannabis capital of Europe, was virtually wiped off the map, after police destroyed hundreds of acres of cannabis.

While domestic cultivators will continue to grow within Albanian territory, it is expected that the government will continue to crack down on such large grow projects.



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