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Top 5 Best Rated High-THC Strains Available at

Here at Seedsman, we stock some of the best available High-THC strains on the market today. We have over 750 strains, that list themselves as having a high-THC content.

Our rating system allows you, our loyal customers to rate and review the strains that we sell. This month, we will be reviewing your 5 favourite High-THC strains and explaining why each of them would be worth consideration in your next grow.

White Widow XXL5. White Widow XXL Autoflowering – Dinafem Seeds

“An Excellent Plant. A true White Widow with an Amazing Smoke!” – Moondude.

A perfect strain if you ware looking a powerful high combined with deep relaxation, White Widow XXL from Dinafem is the most popular Autoflowering White Widow strain that we sell on, and for good reason.

This strain is a cross between a White Widow Auto and and elite White Widow clone. It is a fast grower and produces incredibly bountiful harvests. Despite its abundance resin production, White Widow XXL is a squat, short plant that can be grown in small spaces while still retaining plenty of bulk.

While its THC content isn’t listed on its description, this phenomenal strain receives many testimonies indicating its powerful cerebral effect. This strain also has medicinal properties and its long lasting effect is perfect for those who suffer with chronic pain.

You can buy White Widow XXL Auto Seeds from here.


Kwazulu4. South African Kawazulu Feminised – World of Seeds

“Long walks in the woods, household chores, music studio sessions, marathons. It is truly an incredible strain. Flourishes abundantly and easily. I fell in love from seed to flower.” – Noel.

This little known strain from the Drakenberg mountain range in central South Africa is a real hidden gem and will introduce many cultivators to the truly mesmeric strains that are coming out of Africa.

Kawazulu has been cultivated by native Zulu’s for several generations; the plant was supposedly used by native warriors before battle, thanks to its long lasting and energetic effects.

Now cultivated by World of Seeds, this beautiful strain is very resistant to mould and pests and can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. With a THC content of around 18%, Kawazulu retains a powerful affect on the user for some time after use.

You can buy South Africa Kawazulu Seeds from here.


Jack 473. Jack 47 Feminised – Sweet Seeds

“An awesome, healthy strain. Just great!” – Ozredneck

This super hybrid is the result of crossing two of the strongest varieties of all time: Jack Herer and AK47. The result is Jack 47, an extremely potent and very popular strain from the Sweet Seeds collection.

Jack 47 is is a super yielding plant which grows with immense vigor, eventually providing its owner with some large, sticky buds.

The sweet flavor of this strain will soon be forgotten thanks to the intense cerebral high that make Jack 47 so popular among those looking to really turn up the gear on their weekend smoke.

You can buy Jack 47 Seeds from here.


Blue Dream2. Blue Dream Feminised – Humboldt Seeds Organization

“Beautiful and Strong. Perfection does exist” – Mina

Blue Dream has become renowned for its strength, vigor and immense resinous size, while being accompanied with beautiful shades of blue.

The sweet and tangy indica Blueberry overtones, compliments perfectly with the rich essence of pepper, citrus and Earthy undertones provided by a very special Super Silver Haze.

Blue Dream has been well known to provide euphoric uplifting effects thanks to its 18% THC content, before finishing with feelings of relaxation.

You can buy Blue Dream Seeds from here.


Liberty Haze1.Liberty Haze Feminised – Barney’s Farm

“A great strain with lots of strength and I highly recommend it for all level of growers. I will be growing this as one of my continued strains.” – Brent

This Cannabis Cup winning strain is the true god of High-THC cannabis. Liberty Haze is by far the most popular High-THC strain that we sell on

It has an incredible 25% THC content, which offers an immediate buzz that last for hours and hours thanks to its lienage of G13 and ChemDawg 91.

Libert Haze has a substantial girth, and performs excellently both indoors and outdoors. The long dense colas start to fatten up in the last few weeks, producing dense buds in a beautiful red and purple calyx.

The beautiful aroma and taste of lime make this strain a true classic and one which you should grab as quick as possible.

You can buy Liberty Haze Seeds from here.


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