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Top 5 Landrace Strains Available to Buy at Seedsman

Landrace strains represent the lineage of a cannabis plant, either as 100% indica or 100% sativa. Covered below are the top 5 landrace strains, which you should consider growing indoors or outdoors in 2018.

1. Hindu Kush by Sensi Seeds

  • Lineage – Indica
  • Flowering – 45-55 Days
  • Harvest Month – September

Hindu Kush by Sensi Seeds originates from the Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern Indian mountains.

This small, squat and highly resilient indica, will grow multi-side branches and produce yields similar to the structure of a Christmas tree.

Her flavour and aroma can be described as musky, pungent and somewhat earthy sweet.

She is an excellent choice for beginner growers who want a landrace that can handle colder temperatures at night, as well as wet climates.

The effect is powerful with a full body indica sensation, which is accompanied by a very relaxing and enjoyable high.

Hindu Kush from Sensi Seeds is a beautiful plant that will stay out of sight and with high stealth.

An excellent choice for growers who experience colder and wet climates.

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2. South African Kwazulu by World Of Seeds

  • Lineage – Sativa
  • Flowering Time – 56-63 Days
  • Harvest Month – Mid-October

South African Kwazulu can be found growing freely on the Northern slopes of the Drakensberg Ridge in South Africa.

She is high in THC and is very fast flowering considering her sativa background. As well as being highly resistant to insects and pests, her ability to produce long fruity sweet flowers, coated in resin and sticky to the touch is unrivalled.

When she does flower, she is a producer of a significant yield of light, fluffy sativa buds which do not smell as potent as other sativas, yet she will pack a punch with THC levels as high as 17%.

The effects will be mainly cerebral, and there will be an instant high, which can last for hours. An excellent choice for most weather conditions, even Northern European climates.

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3. Destroyer by Cannabiogen

  • Lineage – Sativa
  • Flowering Time – 56-84 days
  • Harvest Month – September / October

This lady is a full-blooded sativa from Mexico and Columbia.

She will grow with one main bud structure of dense nugs, that can become white with trichomes.

Destroyer will produce generous yields and will flower between 56-84 days depending on which phenotype is more dominant.

The flavour and aroma will be spicy and earthy; the taste when smoking is more flavoursome with lemon and pine-sol on the palate.

Destroyer is a 100% sativa meaning she will grow wild and very tall, so plant training is advised when growing this one indoor or outdoors. Therefore this strain may be better for more experienced growers.

With a name like Destroyer, this landrace variety is not for the light-hearted; her high can be exhilarating and intense at the same time.

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4. Mazari by Seedsman

  • Lineage – Indica
  • Flowering Time -56-64 Days
  • Harvest Month – September

A great choice for beginner or expert growers who want a sturdy, low in height, potent indica which expresses traits of her Afghani lineage.

Found growing wildly in a giant Sea of Green in the Pakistan mountains, Mazari will be used to cold nights and harsh environments, making her a great plant to grow in colder and wetter parts of the world.

She will grow small and squat with sturdy side branches, which will become filled with flowers in short flowering time.

Her taste and aroma is reminiscent of deep spiced fruit, with overtones of a sandalwood musk.

As she is 100% indica, her effects will be heavy bodied and narcotic. She may be useful for alleviating inflammation due to her medical properties.

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5. Jamaican Dream by Eva Seeds

  • Lineage – Sativa
  • Flowering Time – 42-49 days
  • Harvest Month – September

If you want to try something different, then this lady is perfect.

Not only does she have a brief flowering time, making her ideal for Northern Europe, but she is also a 3-time cup winner and highly potent.

Her effects when smoking is euphoric, energetic, social and uplifting, making her ideal to smoke during the daytime.

Jamaican Dream has a fruity and funky aroma with a taste that is smooth and skunky with tropical fruit notes.

She will grow to a medium height and will produce excellent harvests or dense buds, which are frosty and thick.

When you harvest this lady, you will enjoy the best of Jamaican genetics from a very easy to grow cannabis strain.

Jamaican Dream works very well in a Sea of Green and SCROG setup, meaning indoor and outdoors she can be grown in large numbers.

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Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


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