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Top 5 Most Common Myths About Cannabis

Today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 5 Most Common Myths about Cannabis…

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5. Long-Term Memory Loss

While some studies have concluded that prolonged and chronic use of cannabis with a high-THC content can have adverse effects on short-term memory, there is no concrete evidence to show that the plant has a negative impact on your memory in the long-term.

In fact, a 2010 study by the British Journal of Psychiatry revealed that cannabis with a high-CBD content has absolutely no effect on long or short-term memory.

4. Cannabis Leads To Violence

In 2014, a British survey revealed that 53% of all violent incidents that year were related to alcohol consumption. It’s safe to say – the numbers are a little different with cannabis.

A random controlled study conducted in the Netherlands in 2016, measured the aggression of those who were intoxicated from alcohol compared to those who had used cannabis.

The results showed increased aggression in those who were drunk and a reduced aggression in those who were high.

3. Gateway To Other Drugs

How many times have you heard this one?!

While anti-cannabis campaigners use the “Gateway Drug” slogan as a way to increase the legitimacy of their argument, there is very little evidence to back up their claims.

In fact, two of the largest studies on the argument concluded that the Gateway theory is ‘implausible’ and ‘difficult, if not impossible to prove’.

2. Harmful substance

While mixing cannabis with tobacco or choosing to smoke your weed can have detrimental effects on your health, there is no evidence to suggest the plant itself is a harmful substance.

Even those reports that suggest cannabis is harmful to your overall health could only prove that around 2% of chronic, long-term cannabis users had ailments relating to their use of the plant.

1. Addiction

Whether it be drugs, alcohol, sex, food, gaming or something else, addiction is a disease that has an impact on most peoples’ lives.

While addiction can depend on an individual, there is little scientific research to suggest that cannabis as a substance is more addictive than anything else.

The largest survey assessing addiction was conducted by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Their findings concluded that 91% of those who had used cannabis in the past year, were not addicted to the plant.

Of all ‘drugs’ analysed in the survey, cannabis came out as the least habit-forming, with alcohol, nicotine and cocaine among other substances that were found to be more addictive.

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