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Top 5 Strains for a ‘Big and Sour’ Grow

So you’re looking for a few strains to grow, maybe in a mixed bag environment, and you know you want a ‘theme’ of seeds. Sativa’s might not fair well next to Indica’s and your spicy strains might leave your fruity strains lacking in the flavor department. So what does a grower do when they want variety? They get a plethora of seeds with similar characteristics, label each new plant, and take notes in their little black book of grow notes.

For this ‘Big and Sour’ grow we’ll be designing a crop that utilizes citrus flavors, large buds, and some truly high-end genetics. As far as our top-five articles go, this is going to be a custom-crop that won’t hold back in the pricing department – if you’re looking for something a little more frugal, keep checking out our top-five articles for a great bargain setup.

1. Super Lemon Haze Feminised Seeds from Greenhouse Seed Co. is an absolute must. This huge plant is going to produce solid and conular nugs. Big pointed buds with a heavy feeling in the hand – these nugs break up to a very chunky and sticky pull-apart consistency. Flowering in 9-10wks, bright green, high THC clocking in over 22%.

2. Super Sour Kush Feminised Seeds from Seedism. This strain is going to have a very similar structure to the aforementioned Super Lemon Haze. Slightly taller and notably darker, these sour buds will cling to the central stalk, and take on a heavily frosted appearance towards the end. These should flower just a little faster in 8wks. Huge flavors of grapefruit and lime accent a classic Earthy kush-tone. This bud will be right at home in your setup.

3. Sour Secret Feminised Seeds from DNA Genetics. This bud looks phenomenal. Sour smell, sour taste, and a huge variety of coloring across the plant and its buds in appearance and smell, this strain will dazzle anybody. Expect flecks of purple, almost blue with streaks of red, yellow and pale green. This bud is going to be colorful and have a pungent sour smell to it. A little skunkier than the first two, but it will be a potent one. The buds on these are likely to “lollipop” up towards the end of the cola’s – just treat them with extra love and support towards the end of the stalk.

4. Sour Kosher Feminised Seeds from DNA Genetics. DNA Genetics earned their two seeds in my Big and Sour list, the first was vibrantly colored and heady in the smell department, the second is a little deeper and darker. Kosher Kush is an immaculate sedative strain, and the sour blending done by DNA is why Sour Kosher has secured a spot in our Big and Sour mixed bag environment. You’re going to get a light and airy sour taste with the classic wallop and knockdown power of the Kosher Kush. This will be the darkest strain in your Big and Sour Grow.

5. Lastly, I like to encourage you to pick your fifth and last seed – I’d suggest any of the various Sour Diesel variants – regardless of which you choose and why, you’ll be adding some nice sativa genetics into this setup.

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