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Top Blunt Wraps to Make Your Smoking Experience Memorable & Enjoyable

As long as the cannabis smoking community exists, and we highly doubt it’s going to become scarce in future – there will always be innovative and fun-to-use products which enhance the overall experience of consuming the iconic herb.

Even though many folks are happy with just plain cannabis in regular wraps, there are some among us who just want to make the experience extra special and enjoyable. And this is where blunt wraps come in.

If you’re among the likes of folks who prefer taking big hits from a fat, tightly wrapped blunt, you have arrived at the right place! These weed cigars pack quite the punch, particularly if you add some tobacco for a more potent effect.

Between celebrities and everyday cannabis enthusiasts, blunts are a time-tested way to consume the herb in style. Not surprisingly, world renowned artist and marijuana aficionado Snoop Dogg auctioned off a personally hand-wrapped blunt for $1000 at a fundraiser recently.

Suffice it to say, blunt wraps are cool and very much in – and if you’re looking to master the art of wrapping the perfect one, along with gaining widespread popularity among your smoking gang, you need to understand some of the basics.

The Quest to Find the Best Blunt Wraps

These days, there are smoke shops and cannabis dispensaries within close proximity unless you’re living off the grid, that is. Even gas stations sell cannabis products in some shape or form. However, with so many blunt wrap flavours, sizes, brands and styles to choose from – how do you pick one to match your smoking preferences?

In addition to good-quality herb, you need to have a keen grasp of all the materials that are involved. Buying the right blunt wrap, therefore, can pretty much mean the difference between a nicely wrapped ‘fatty’ that makes people’s eyes pop and a rolling wreck that falls apart at the seams.

Just imagine everybody’s reaction when you reach deep down into your pocket to pull out a few, with the realisation that they have half disintegrated in your hands – leading to not only embarrassment but a dire waste of money as well.

It goes without saying that investing in the right blunt wraps should be high up on your list of smoking session agendas.

Before we discuss our top picks for blunt wraps, we thought it would be appropriate to quickly explain what a blunt actually is:

What’s a Blunt Anyway?

Blunt wraps share the same properties as rolling paper since they are ideal for wrapping cannabis into cigars. However, wraps are typically larger than rolling paper, which means their sturdy makeup can be used to jam lots of cannabis bud into a blunt, while making it as skinny or fat as desired.

Smoking cannabis this way not only happens to be very ‘in’ but also a convenient way of carrying around your packed cannabis.

So without further ado, here are our picks for some of the best blunt wraps available today:

Best Blunt Wraps for Marijuana

White Owl

We thought it would be apt to kick the list off with White Owls as this is not only a top-quality blunt wrap but one you can trust, as it is one of the first blunt wraps that popped up in the cannabis consumer product industry.

At first glance, the wrap may appear to be like natural paper, but don’t let this fool you into thinking that the paper quality is inferior – it is anything but. While adhering to high-quality blunt wrap standards, they are also very cost-effective and available in several flavours, although for the marijuana purist, the plain unflavoured variety might be the best choice.


If you’re a cannabis smoker who enjoys the extra nicotine buzz with each hit, Entourage blunt wraps live up very nicely to the task. These are nicotine-infused, providing that cigarette taste and buzz that many cannabis smokers yearn for.

So if you enjoy mixing tobacco with your herb, this blunt wrap already comes with all the goods that you need – there’s no need to stuff any extra tobacco with your grinded herb. Unique flavours are available and this is another quality wrap that we believe offers great value for money.


Backwoods happen to be among the few wrapping papers which are not only 100% natural but also ideally suited to those who enjoy their blunt with tobacco.

We believe the Backwoods wrap is a superb choice for not just pro-tobacco blunt smokers but every kind of blunt smoker – for one, it’s been made wildly popular by west coast rap artists and with good reason too. The natural materials make it simply perfect for first-time cannabis smokers as well. So if you don’t mind the taste of tobacco and cannabis, you’re going to enjoy this one immensely.

If you’re looking for a sweet and refreshing taste, go with the Backwoods cream-flavoured blunt wrapper, although there are other flavours to choose from.

High Hemp

For those looking for a pure, unadulterated experience where the taste and buzz of their cannabis is the only thing that’s detectable, High Hemps are the perfect blunt wraps for you. This blunt wrapping paper was made with one purpose in mind: to provide users with the purest marijuana taste.

You may not like the taste of tobacco or any other ‘extras’ in your blunt – in this case, we would whole heartedly recommend High Hemp wraps as they are made from 100% legal and natural hemp plants. Flavours are aplenty including Honey Pot Swirl and Mango.

The High Hemp Organic Blunt Wraps are particularly well-suited to those looking for a fairly straightforward and healthy wrapping paper. High-quality along with great cost and value is how High Hemp found its way on this list – they really do care for the wellbeing of the cannabis community.


Phillies has been a household name among cannabis lovers for quite some time now. They’re readily available at convenience stores, gas stations and marijuana dispensaries. Interestingly, the Phillips brand of cigars is what led to the term ‘blunt’.

Many of us like to do it the ‘old school’ way – and the best way to do just that is to cut a Philly cigar in half, right along the perforation line, hollow it out – this provides the perfect cushioning space for your herb before you pack and seal it up into a nice, fat blunt.

The tobaccos leaves and paper in Phillies provide a truly mind-altering experience while allowing users to easily mix their stuff and wrap it back up. The paper does not easily deteriorate so you can pack quite a few and save them for a rainy day or an upcoming weekend with your peeps.

Zig Zag

Zig Zag wraps have enjoyed massive popularity over the years, thanks largely to the wide assortment of flavours, giving cannabis users a reason to liven up their joints with a little something extra.

Marijuana blunt smokers have also raved about the high quality, ease-of-roll, strong marijuana stench and ‘trippy’ flavours like vanilla, pineapple, orange, blueberry, strawberry and many more that the Zig Zag blunt wraps offer. If you want to buy these discreetly, go over to Amazon where an assorted pack of 60 wraps should be enough to last a while.

Hemp Zones

Hemp Zones make for good blunt wraps too – however, they’re not quite as popular as the ones listed above, because they do have somewhat of a ‘papery’ taste to them, and may be too dry for some folks.

Still, they make for a good alternative when you’re looking for wraps that require only half a gram of cannabis at a time – perfect for that quick break between your day to day obligations or as part of a wind down ritual.

Shine Gold Wraps

What could possibly be cooler than relaxing and puffing on an edible gold blunt? The Shine Paper gold blunt wraps are made from 24k edible gold – anyone here want to be in the same league as Tupac? Here’s your chance!

Even though these are a bit ‘out of the ordinary’ and pricey as well, they’re perfect for special occasions – e.g. when you want to bypass your regular blunts and just want to mellow out a little in luxury.

Juicy Hemp Wraps

Juicy Hemp Wraps cater very well to those looking to smoke without the added buzz and flavour of nicotine and tobacco. With creative and fun flavours like grape and strawberry (or just plain natural flavour if you desire), the inclusion of a plastic tube makes those rolling sessions a breeze.

The natural aroma stays nicely sealed in, preventing dust and lint from finding its way into your blunt.

Twisted Hemp

These sell like hotcakes namely because you can pack a lot of bud inside and the price is just killer (4 wraps for under a dollar). The wraps make for a perfectly symmetrical roll, with a noticeably wider, open tip at the front – you just cannot go wrong with these.

And that’s a ‘Wrap’

Even if you’re not a blunt rolling expert, these excellent wrapping paper choices should be a good starting point. And don’t forget – it’s “puff, puff… give”!


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