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Top Ten Strains for Medicinal Cannabis Use

As prohibition crumbles in a growing number of jurisdictions and ever increasing numbers of people are able to legally use cannabis as a medicine, we thought we would highlight some of our favourite strains for medicinal use.

Although CBD rich strains have grabbed the spotlight recently in discussions on cannabis therapeutics, let’s not forget that THC is by far the most researched cannabinoid for medicinal use, and that its use is well supported scientifically for certain conditions. By comparison, CBD research is still in its infancy, in spite of increasing numbers of anecdotal reports of its therapeutic efficacy.

Our list is inclusive to cater for diverse needs, and includes high THC strains, CBD rich strains, more balanced ratios of the two cannabinoids, and some novel strains with unusually high levels of newly sought after cannabinoids such as CBG and THCV.

#10 Seedsman CBG #1

This photo-period strain has been specially bred to produce very high levels of CBG (Cannabigerol), a cannabinoid which is usually present in low concentrations in typical cannabis samples. CBG is the ‘mother compound’ in the cannabis plant, from which all the psychoactive compounds that we know and love are produced. During the flowering cycle CBGA (the acid form of CBG) is the first cannabinoid that the plant biosynthesises. This is then converted into THCA (the precursor of THC), CBDA (the precursor of CBD), and CBCA (the precursor of CBC and CBL) with the help of enzymes.

It has recently attracted attention for its purported antibacterial, antitumor, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, putting it in the running alongside CBD for its therapeutic potential, legal status, and the fact that it doesn’t get you high.

Seedsman CBG#1 grows in all environments, indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse. Its indoor flowering time is between 10 – 12 weeks with yields expected to be between 400 – 500 gm/m2. Outdoors, northern hemisphere harvests will be ready towards the end of September – early October with each plant capable of producing up to 350 gm. Colourful displays of purple will affect some plants towards the end of flowering especially in the presence of cool night-time temperatures. Flavours are tangy, from the terpene limonene, with berry notes. CBG levels are 16.9% while THC is very low at 0.25%.

#9 Medical Marijuana Genetics THC 1:40 auto

THC 1:40 Auto is a 60% indica auto-flowering strain which has been produced by crossing an original Northern Lights with a ruderalis strain. THC Auto 1:40 produces very high levels of THC and some pretty good yields too.

The original Northern Lights built up a good reputation as a medicinal strain amongst those seeking relief from chronic pain conditions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation THC1:40 Auto takes approximately 7 weeks of flowering to produce yields in the region of 500 gm/m2 with flowering commencing in the third or fourth week of growth.

This strain offers not only very high THC levels of 23%, with 0.5% CBD, but also boasts a fine range of terpenes. It is suitable for the production of Rick Simpson Oil and can be used to relieve the symptoms caused by cancer, chronic pain, sciatica, nerve damage, cluster headaches and multiple sclerosis.

#8 Seedsman Pink Kush Auto CBD 30:1

Pink Kush CBD Auto is the result of crossing Pink Kush CBD Auto with Pink Afghan CBD Auto strains. It is 90% indica, has a fast life-cycle and a CBD:THC ratio of at least 30:1.

As an auto-flowering strain it will be suitable for just about all environments. Taking a scant 9 weeks from germination, outdoor growers in warm climates will be able to achieve 2 or even 3 harvests per year. It displays an attractive pink colour in the buds.

The scent and taste resembles pine and damp forest with earthy hints of red fruits. CBD is rated at approximately 17% with just 0.5% THC. Its effect is a soft, light, relaxing body high making this a very popular therapeutic strain.

#7 Dutch Passion THC-Victory

This is a hybrid cannabis strain which has been bred to produce relatively high levels of THC-V, a.k.a. tetrahydrocannabivarin, a cannabinoid which is becoming increasingly researched and explored. THC-Victory produces roughly equal measures of THC and THC-V at 8 – 9% of each. Although THC-V has little effect in low concentrations, higher levels have a psychoactive effect similar to that of THC.

As a sativa strain THC-Victory grows quite lanky, producing good yields both indoors and outdoors. Indoors its flowering time is between 9 – 11 weeks, not particularly long for a sativa. Its terpene profile is on the fruity side with notes of citrus. It is a strain for any time of day.

THC-V is currently being researched for therapeutic benefits for osteoporosis due to its apparent stimulation of bone growth; for weight loss as it appears to reduce appetite; for post-traumatic stress disorder as it seems to reduce anxiety; for diabetes as it regulates blood sugar levels thereby reducing insulin resistance, and finally in Alzheimer’s research as there is some evidence that tremors, motor control and brain lesions all appear to undergo a degree of improvement. We stress, however, that research is ongoing for all of these possibilities and that more evidence is required before any of these can be stated as being categorical proof.

#6 Dr Seedsman 30:1 CBD:THC

Doctor Seedsman CBD is the crowning achievement resulting from a long and diligent effort seeking to discover a strain of cannabis with very high levels of CBD but with less than 1% THC resulting in healing effects without any psychoactivity. Many CBD-rich strains have been created but up until now the vast majority have virtually equal amounts of CBD and THC.

Dr. Seedsman CBD is 80% sativa and is descended from a plant that its breeders named CBD Asia due to its provenance and high CBD levels. It is a robust plant growing vigorously yet staying quite short and squat in the process. Indoor flowering lasts for 8 – 9 weeks while outdoor harvests should be ready in early October in northern latitudes. Yields are high and the buds nice and dense and covered with loads of resin.

This plant is very aromatic and has a powerful and penetrating taste with a pine and ginger note on the finish. CBD production has been laboratory tested at 20% while THC comes in at less than 1%. This represents a CBD:THC ratio in excess of approximately 30:1. The effect is very deeply relaxing to the body with no cerebral effects whatsoever.

#5 Medical Marijuana Genetics Master Hemp #2

Master Hemp #2 CBD 25:1 is a 60% indica hybrid strain bred by crossing Master Hemp with another hemp plant known as Kompolti. It is a hardy and resistant strain which can easily withstand inclement weather and which displays great vegetative vigour in early growth.

Great for outdoor and indoor cultivation, this berry scented strain gives good yields. In contrast with other hemp strains such as Finola and the original Master Hemp, this second version has much higher levels of CBD between 9 – 12% compared with approx. 4%. THC levels are very low at 0.2 – 0.3% which allows its cultivation as hemp in countries where this has entered the statute books. This is recommended by medical cannabis users for helping with anxiety, autism, PTSD and general stress.

#4 Seedsman Blue Ice OG

This is an amazingly uplifting stain and people report is particularly good for relieving anxiety.  Created by crossing an elite clone of the famous and in-demand OG Kush strain along with a Blueberry Ice, the result is a strong and robust plant with good yields and an incredibly intense fruity flavour.

Blue Ice OG, at 60% sativa, is not a particularly large plant but it can still attain a height of 170 cm if planted outside directly into the ground. It has a very vigorous period of vegetative growth before hitting the flowering stage and is a very easy strain even for the novice grower. The strong stems are ideally suited to carry the burden of very dense and weighty buds. Flowering indoors lasts for about 60 days after which time a harvest of approximately 500 gm/m2 dried weight will be realised. If cultivated outdoors yields will be in the region of 800 gm/plant with northern hemisphere harvests being during the first half of October.

The fruity flavour is reminiscent of berries with notes of soft citrus (lemon). THC production falls into the medium range (10 – 15%) with low CBD. The effect is extremely relaxing, both cerebrally and physically, very long-lasting and most enjoyable. It is claimed to have medicinal applications and is a very good stress-buster. This plant is highly rated by medicinal users who claim it is a perfect strain to use at any time of the day, whenever you need to boost your mood or say goodbye to nerves and stress.

#3 FastBuds Blue Dream Auto

Blue Dream Auto is the auto-flowering version of the Californian cannabis strain Blue Dream. It is 75% sativa and develops big yields of long buds with an enticing aroma, great taste and uplifting high.

Blue Dream Auto is a bushy, disease resistant plant growing to a height of approximately 110 cm tall which can be grown indoors and outdoors. Indoor yields can be as high as 300 gm/plant in a total life-cycle from germination right through to harvest of between 9 – 11 weeks. In northern latitudes it is unlikely to be ready to harvest until sometime in October thus precluding cultivation in cool regions where the early autumnal weather is usually wet and cool.

It is relatively easy to grow and is quite a thirsty plant although one which does not take kindly to over-feeding. FastBuds recommend giving no more than a quarter of the recommended dosage of plant food. This strain reacts well to lower branch pruning (so-called lolli-popping) as well as pinching the top out in order to restrict height where this might be an issue.

The aroma is very strongly, mouth-wateringly citrus-influenced, with flavours that are tart and sweet with notes of pine and cedar. THC production is very high (in excess of 20%) with medium levels of CBD. The effect is initially of a cerebrally intense, uplifting effect which evolves, mellowing out to a more relaxed physical state. It makes the perfect afternoon smoke.

Therapeutically this strain is recommended for treating the symptoms of multiple conditions including Glaucoma, NauseaEpilepsyMultiple Sclerosis, Back painPMSArthritis, Herpes, Rheumatism, Sickle Cell, Expectorant, StressMigraines, Tumours and Asthma.

#2 Seedsman Peyote Gorilla

Peyote Gorilla is a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 (Chem Sister x Chocolate Diesel) and Peyote Purple, a colourful pheno-type of Bubba Kush. The potent, medicinal effect of the Gorilla meets the stimulating and uplifting high of the Peyote Purple. This is a great yielding plant that stands out from the crowd with its abundance of resin, making it very suitable for making extracts and concentrates with.

With a flowering time of around 70 days Peyote Gorilla has a typically indica structure, medium-sized with large, broad leaves. This strain’s scent is sour with lemon, petrol, earthy and woody notes and these properties are reflected back in the taste. THC production is very high at between 22 – 26% with CBD at just 1%. The effect is a very potent, uplifting high which gradually evolves into a physically relaxing state that will be almost certain to ease any aches and pains. People have also reported its benefits for helping with insomnia.

#1 Seedsman Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1 Feminised Seeds

This therapeutic strain retains all the traits of the classic cheese variety but has a ratio of THC to CBD close to 1:1. With laboratory reports confirming CBD content of 18%, this brand new addition to our strain collection can be used in the treatment of a variety of ailments.

While the classic cerebral high of its Cheese parent is not present in this strain, the relaxing body effect is very noticeable. This means that both recreational and medical users can enjoy the effects of CBD Cream and Cheese.

In terms of aroma and flavour, you won’t be surprised to hear that this 1:1 CBD:THC strain retains that unmistakeable Cheese taste in abundance!

CBD Cream and Cheese takes around 9 weeks to flower and is suitable for all environments and grow media. Our most popular high-CBD strain – this is a must have addition to any seed collection this year.  

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

Hattie Wells