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Top Tips on How to Get Unhigh

There’s nothing worse than getting too high. That’s why cannabis connoisseurs are always careful about the strains they choose and their method of delivery. The truth is that it’s easy to overdo things, especially when you’re making your own concentrate or growing your own cannabis plants. 

But, if you’ve taken too big a hit or indulged too much on those edibles, is there anything you can do except wait for it all to pass?  

Here we take a look at how to get unhigh or at least take the edge off things.  

Top 4 Reasons You Got Too High 

  1. It was your first time and you were a little inexperienced. When you’re not used to the effects of cannabis and THC, being too high is actually relative.  
  2. You were relaxing with friends and trying to keep up with them. This is the most common reason for overdoing things.  
  3. It’s the first time you tried concentrates and you simply used too much and inhaled too deeply.  
  4. You tried edibles but ate too much, forgetting the effects take much longer to show up in the bloodstream than with other methods like smoking, vaping or dabbing.  

How to Get Unhigh: The First Rule is Don’t Panic! 

Our first piece of advice is to try and not panic. That’s not always easy to do, especially if it’s your first experience of being out of control. 

Most extreme highs will pass over time and it’s unlikely that you are going to do yourself serious harm. You may feel some paranoia or anxiety but just find a comfortable and safe space to work through it. Panicking isn’t going to solve anything. Remember this: 

  • You are not going to die.  
  • You will recover. 

All you’re going to be left with is a little grogginess and the prospect of maybe a few days getting your head back together again. Most experienced cannabis users know this, which is why you don’t see them worrying when they’ve over-indulged. 

Understanding Your Own Limits 

We all react to cannabis in our individual ways. If you’re in a group, everyone will get high at a different rate and feel the effects based on their own psychology and physiology. If you are a beginner when it comes to cannabis, you probably won’t know what to expect. Over time, however, as you become more experienced you’ll get a better handle on what works for you and what doesn’t.  

Most people who have used cannabis recreationally have overdone it at some point. Understanding your own body may not be an exact, scientific solution for how to get unhigh but, as with most things, prevention is generally better than the cure.  

Make sure that you always take cannabis with friends you trust and know. Being surrounded by strangers when you are ultra-high can make you even more paranoid and anxious. Research the best way to take different products.  

For example, if you have edibles don’t over-indulge. Food takes longer to get into the bloodstream than smoke. It could be one or two hours before you start to feel the effect. Don’t be tempted to eat more because you think the edible is not giving you a high.  

Never feel that you have to keep up with your peers either. Go at your own pace. No one really cares whether you can take large amounts of cannabis or not.  

Time Honored Tips When You’re Too High 

Go online and you’ll find plenty of articles on how to get unhigh. This underlines the fact that it happens quite a lot, even with experienced cannabis users. Some of these methods will work for you, others might not. They’re all certainly worth a try! 

Water, More Water and Munchies 

You won’t be surprised to learn, as with over-indulgence with booze, plenty of water and some tasty snacks can help take the edge off your cannabis high. It’s not exactly going to flush the THC out of your system but it will stop your mouth drying out and keep you hydrated while you recover.  

You should, of course, steer far from any alcohol as it will undoubtedly make your situation worse. Research has shown that the concentration of THC in your blood can be boosted by taking even a small amount of alcohol. So put away the beers and the spirits before you get out your cannabis. You don’t need to combine the two.  

Snacks can help keep you centered and give you something to focus on. Don’t worry about the quality or the healthiness, anything from salty chips to burger and fries are all fair game when you have an excessive high. You can deal with the increase in your waistline the next day once you’re feeling better.  

Does Black Pepper Work? 

Any guide on how to get unhigh usually includes crunching on a black pepper corn or two. Whether this is an old wives tale or something more substantial is not entirely clear but chewing on some whole black pepper corns is thought to take the edge off a bad high. Some cannabis enthusiasts swear by it while others are not so convinced it does anything at all.  

Our advice? Give it a try anyway. It may be that the act of crunching on a pepper distracts you enough to forget the high for a while. It seems to work better if you are suffering a little paranoia and anxiety as well.  

The Best Cure is Rest 

If you can relax, then try to do so. This is not always easy when you’re high but at some point you will run out of steam. Find a comfortable bed or sofa, wrap yourself up and try some deep breathing, taking the air in through your nose and exhaling out through your mouth. While it’s no easy task to switch your brain into neutral, if you can manage to drop off for a while it can actually work wonders.  

Walking to Get Unhigh 

Going to sleep for a while isn’t that easy for most of us, so you might want to reverse things and go for a walk instead. A little fresh air and exercise can do you good but a lot depends on what state you are in and where you live. If the neighbors don’t know you get high and don’t like it either, it might be better to stay hidden away until you’re feeling better. 

Vigorous walking can help pump the blood around your body and get that THC working its way through your system. If you’re feeling anxious or paranoid, however, it might be worth waiting. The last thing you want is to get lost while you are in an over excited state like this.  

If you can’t get out just yet, another thing you can do is strip off and get in the shower. This should help you relax and feel a little fresher afterwards.  

The Distraction Technique 

The most common approach for how to get unhigh is to distract yourself. Pretend it’s not all happening and, soon enough, time will have passed and your symptoms will start to calm down. There are lots of things you could do. Many people play a video game, watch a film, listen to music or simply curl up with a loved one.  

Can CBD Help? 

CBD is often useful in strains to combat the effect of THC and it might seem reasonable that, if you are suffering from too big a high, taking more of this particular substance may help. CBD can certainly help you fight anxiety but there isn’t much evidence that it works when taken after the fact.  

At the end of the day, the only thing you can really do when it comes to a big high that you can’t control is wait. Make sure you don’t get in a car and drive or doing anything stupid that could put yourself in danger. If you’re supposed to go to work, call in sick – you’re not going to be much use anyway.  

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Above all, don’t panic. If you are suffering from a really bad anxiety induced high that doesn’t seem to be calming down, you may want to see your doctor. By the time you get there and get some treatment, however, the paranoia may well have passed.  

The one thing you can do is make a note of what caused your high. Did you smoke too much? Are you using a high THC strain that isn’t right for you?  

Whatever the cause, you need to learn from it. Most people do and change their behavior or exposure accordingly. It helps to write down your experience as soon as possible after the event so that you can get a handle on what happened and understand it better.  

Finally, no one has died from a cannabis overdose so the key thing is not to worry when you suddenly find yourself going over the edge. Our advice is raid the fridge, drink plenty of water and get some rest. In a few hours you’ll be feeling okay again.  

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