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And So It Begins…

Travelling and Cannabis, two of my greatest passions.

For the last 23 years or so I’ve tried to mix the two together wherever possible. I’ve been to a lot of places over the years but the central theme has always been whether cannabis was freely available where I intend to visit. 

So far there have not been many places it wasn’t!!

So when I mentioned I was planning a big trip to the gang at Seedsman, it didn’t take much for us to realise that this was an amazing opportunity to document the whole process and bring the community along.

It was my early travels when I was in my late teens that led me to make the connections that would change my life and take me on an adventure that hasn’t ended yet. From living in Hammocks on deserted beaches for months on end to working in the coffee shop scene in Amsterdam back in the wild west days, and from the strange and hypnotic world of hippy communes to running large scale cultivation operations in Europe. Travelling and cannabis made it all possible. 

 For about 10 years I held the slightly dubious but amusing distinction of being responsible for growing the cannabis with the highest THC levels tested by the UK police after a rather unfortunate bust. Apparently, someone in Liverpool took the crown more recently! I also helped in the early days of seedsman and the seed industry, working to promote good genetics and responsible practices. I’ve written articles in a number of publications over the years and it feels good to be back again spreading the love and knowledge.

The international cannabis industry has changed and grown massively in recent times, and over the next year or so I’m hoping to visit some of the places where it all began and take a look at where things might be going in the future. I’m hoping to learn a lot and through the blogs share that with you.

The Plan…

Day 1 in Delhi

In a few days, I’ll be flying into New Delhi, A city of 16 million people and a cultural melting pot. I’ll be heading up to the Kullu and Parvati valleys of the Himalayas and the surrounding areas. The heart of Charas production in India. It’s a pilgrimage that smokers and lovers of the herb have been making since the early 1960s in search of the best hand rubbed live resin hash in the world 

The different villages all have their own production techniques and methods and in days gone by most had their own slightly differing landrace genetics which generations of the families would save and improve.

 I’m fascinated to see if the local genetics have been affected by the introduction of modern hybrid seed stock from the west and if the individuality of the Charas from the different areas has become homogenised to suit the insatiable demand for a hash that the explosion in the Indian middle classes has brought.

From India, I’ll be heading to Cambodia, Thailand and possibly Vietnam and Laos depending on time constraints

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I’m going to try and cover as much as possible of the local cannabis culture, history  and use in each place, what the legal situation is and what costs are to visit and explore

 We will show you the best local foods for those munchies moments and the best places to stay to be around like-minded people!

 So stay tuned at Seedsman travels for lots more blogs, info and news from the team! 

 I’m hoping these blogs will give some of you the impetus to book a ticket and head out on a great adventure of your own.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

Andrew Bill

Andrew Bill is a 41-year-old cannabis activist, writer and businessman from the UK. He moved to Amsterdam at the age of 19 and has worked in numerous Dutch coffeeshops, including Barneys Breakfast Bar where he was part of the team that won multiple cannabis cups.
Travelling extensively throughout his adult life, his passion for cannabis culture and history has recently driven him to search out landrace genetics from around the world.